15 Most Rare Skins in Mobile Legends (ML)

On this occasion, we will tell you about the rarest skins in Mobile Legends that you must know. How to get it is very difficult, even rarer than legendary skins in the Mobile Legends game.


For some ML players, skins are a fairly important requirement in the process of playing in Mobile Legends. There are so many castes of existing Skins, and the most unique and maybe you can’t get it again, maybe some of the rarest skins in Mobile Legends (ML) below. On this occasion, we will tell you about the rarest skins in Mobile Legends that you must know. How to get it is very difficult, even rarer than legendary skins in the Mobile Legends game.

Skin is an item or cosmetic in the Mobile Legends game. Skins are widely used to change the appearance of a hero to be more cool and proud. You can get it by buying it or for free.

So, here are the rarest skins in my esports version of Mobile Legends, even to get the following skins are only given at special moments and maybe you can’t buy them back.

Layla – Blue Specter

First there is Layla’s skin called Blue Specter, a skin which is the rarest skin because it can only be obtained for a handful of people in Thailand. Blue Specter is a gift from an offline event in Bangkok, this skin is given as a gift from participants who attended the event. Well, you can’t get this skin back and become the rarest skin in Mobile Legends.

Layla – Classic Malefic Gunner

The name is like an item, yes. This Classic Skin is the default skin of Layla’s hero in the past. Maybe you who are old players have it, but not everyone can have this one skin. Skins can only be obtained by old accounts and distributed for free. So new players may not be able to get it.

Nana – Wind Fairy

Next is the Nana Wind Fairy skin which is a skin with a special caste in Mobile Legends. Why is it rare? Because this skin can only be obtained during MPL tournaments. It’s an MPL exclusive skin, of course you can’t get this skin back.

Sun – Calestial Outlaw

Next, there is a skin that may be new, to be exact, in season 15 yesterday, Moonton presented the first recharge feature in Mobile Legends and gave a skin as a gift. Well, this Sun skin is a gift from the event. Therefore, this skin is quite rare because you can only get it in the last 15 season.

Aldous – King of Supremacy

Next is the rarest skin aldous which is an exclusive skin in the M1 tournament. You can no longer get this skin, just like Nana’s skin above, this alodus skin can only be obtained in the M1 tournament event.

You can receive this skin and also buy it during M1 matches, where players will buy it with a decent diamond and no resale.

Lolita – Special Op

Lastly, there is the Lolita Special Op skin which is the First recharge skin in season 16 yesterday. You can no longer get this skin in season 17. Now, instead, you can get Karina’s newest skin, which is the First Recharge skin in season 17, but in the upcoming season, Karina will also be a rare skin, you know.

Pharsa – Indigo Aviatrix

Next is a normal skin called Indigo Aviatrix, which is one of the normal skins of Pharsa’s hero, until now this skin is still limited.

Unfortunately, there is still no information to get this skin, but it is very likely that the Pharsa – Indigo Aviatrix skin is a normal skin that is present at a limited event.

Pharsa Skin – Indigo Aviatrix is not available in the shop menu to be purchased with diamonds, this skin is a rare skin and even the author doesn’t know how to get it. Maybe it will be present at a limited event in a future update.

STUN Series

The STUN Series skin is an exclusive skin that was presented at the event in May June 2021 only, these skins include Chou, Brody and Selena, the three heroes get the same skin.

Now what’s interesting is, these three skins are exclusive skins that you may not be able to get right now. To get it, you have to wait for the resale event of the three skins in the next update.

Roger – Cyborg Werewolf

Next is the Epic skin from Roger’s hero, this skin is not available on the Shop menu, you have to get it in a limited event in Mobile Legends. Just like Selena Thunderflash skin and Karrie Girl Gill skin.

Now to get it, you have to wait for the resale event about this skin, then buy it for around 899 diamonds. Don’t worry, the resale itself is quite frequent and different from other skins.

Rafaela – Biomedic

Next is the skin of Rafaela’s hero named Biomedic, which is a very cool and sexy skin, this skin has an Elite caste but is limited. Has a very beautiful and cool appearance.

Yep, to get it you can exchange it for a point which you can later collect in an event. However, I don’t know when the event will return.

Gatotkaca – Arhat King

Next is the Gatotkaca hero skin named Arthat King, which is one of the elite skins, you can only get this skin through an event, but this skin is free.

In the last event a few years ago, you can get this Gatotkaca skin for free, but for now it seems that you don’t know when it will come back. Because you yourself can’t buy it through the shop menu.

Harley – Referee

Next is the Harley hero skin named Referee, this skin is of a special caste and can be said to be a limited skin. You cannot get this skin through the Shop.

Maybe when Moonton will present prizes through a similar event, the article is to get this skin yourself, you have to attend a limited event. Then get it either by buying or for free.

Jawhead – Space Explorer

It is one of the special skins owned by the Jawhead hero, this skin is sold in limited quantities, is a very cool skin and is even similar to Kimmy’s skin with a similar theme.

For Kimmy’s skin, it is an Epic Limited skin, but for Jawhead, it is a Special Skin that is a prize from the MSC tournament. Of course, to get the skin, you have to take part in the event at the MSC tournament last year. For now you have to wait for a resale who knows when.

Uranus – Mech Protector

Is one of the special skins owned by Uranus, this skin can be obtained in a special way. Yep, you can get it by exchanging points.

To get these points you have to compete in National or State tournaments, you need a lot of points so very few players have claimed this skin and have it.

To take part in the Conquest of Dawn tournament itself is quite difficult, starting from your rank you must be high and you must also be good at playing and getting points. You need 240 points to get this cool skin.

Gatotkaca – Spark

It is one of the normal skins of the Gatotkaca hero, this skin is limited and very rare, this skin was presented to enliven the President’s Cup tournament a few years ago.

Of course you can’t get it on the Shop menu. Now to get this one skin only through the tournament and maybe you will get a resale in the next update.

However, it is quite unfortunate that until now there is still no resale information on this Gatotkaca skin and it may not be resale again.

So that’s all the rarest skins in Mobile Legends right now. Some of the skins above are the result of a limited event that Moonton might not bring back the event in the masses to come. Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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