15 Ways to Get Fast and Free Battle Points in Mobile Legends (ML)

Now for those of you who might be curious, how to get super fast BP, you can just follow the methods below. Of course, it will be very profitable for those of you who need super fast BP.


Battle Points in Mobile Legends are the second currency that you can use after Diamond. To get, collect Battle Points in Mobile Legends, there are many ways that can be done, such as playing, completing can and others. Now for those of you who might be curious, how to get super fast BP, you can just follow the methods below. Of course, it will be very profitable for those of you who need super fast BP.

Usually, many Mobile Legends players use Battle Points to buy heroes or raise emblems. Now in this article, we have tips on how to get battle points quickly in Mobile Legends.

This time there are several ways to get Battle Points in Mobile Legends quickly. So for those of you who want to buy a hero, you can do it this way!

Use Double BP

If you don’t have much time to play Mobile Legends, then with a double BP card you will benefit. The point of this item is to double your BP income after the match.

BP will also increase your weekly BP which is very important. Try if you use double BP you don’t skip playing. Take advantage of the duration of this double BP so that you get lots of prizes.

First before playing, you must use a Double BP item. This one item can increase up to 100% income once playing and increase your earning limit by 1500.

To get Double BP is very easy, the way is by doing daily login events or other events. Even after you finish playing, you will often get this item if you share.

Play Brawl

Second, after using Dounble BP, you can play it in Brawl mode. This mode is the perfect solution to have fun and get gold quickly. In this mode you can finish the game even in just 3 minutes, with the acquisition of gold around 60 to 100 and will get 2x if you use the previous Double BP.

Completing Achievements

This will greatly benefit new players because achievements are the source of the most BP in the game. In addition, other prizes such as magic dust and emblems can be obtained in your account later. Suitable for How to Get ML Battle Points.

The figures offered are also very high. In difficult achievements, you can get hundreds of BP very easily. Not to mention it is very profitable for new accounts that can red BP very quickly.

In addition to playing, you can also complete achievements at the same time. This feature will be unlocked if you have completed several missions in Mobile Legends.

Now you can complete the requirements then it will be easy to get gold if it has been achieved. Oh yes gold jam. You can also get level points, which if collected will get various other attractive prizes.

Buying Starlight Member

Then you can try to buy Starlight because from Starlight you can get a lot of BP. This is thanks to the missions and rewards in it. Of course it can really help you when playing to collect BP.

Starlight is also fairly cheap if you play actively. Try to log in and play every day so that the missions can be completed quickly. This can help you collect BP very quickly later.

When you buy starlight members, besides being able to get monthly exclusive skins, you can also get other benefits such as getting Double BP every week and getting more Battle points.

Now if you buy a starlight member and activate the Double BP Card item, then you will get battle points quickly. In each math, you can get 200 to 300 Battle Points.

End of Season Prize

As you know, the higher the rank you eat, the higher the end-of-season prizes you can get. With prizes like 20,000 BP at the highest rank you will increase the BP of mobile legends easily.

Therefore you must be active and tryhard in rank so that later you reach at least the Mythic tier. By reaching a high rank you can enjoy a lot of BP at the end of the season which will be very helpful

At the end of each season, you will get various attractive prizes. In addition to seasonal skins, there are Battle Point prizes that you can get, starting from the smallest 1000, to the largest 20,000. Now to get it, you just need to push the rank to the highest rank and wait until the season resets, then you will get the prize.

Often Play in Mobile Legends

The most important thing, of course, is to keep playing. By continuing to play, you will harvest BP without stopping. But remember that you have a weekly BP limit which when you get stuck you don’t need to play anymore.

This method is certainly the most effective for you to do. By playing continuously, you can get BP every match. Try to win, because the BP is higher than losing the one with a small BP.

Often playing in Mobile Legends will get you the opportunity to get more Battle Points in Mobile Legends. Playing in classic mode or ranked mode will give you Battle Points after playing, the more you play, the more Battle Points you need to buy a hero. Play every day and as often as possible to get a lot of Battle Points in Mobile Legends.

Play Magic Chess

The next way to collect Battle Points is by playing Magic Chess. For those of you who are Mobile Legends gamers, of course you already know one of the modes in the game. Magic Chess is the most popular mode because it can provide a variety of other interesting activities.

In magic chess you will play a game that is quite different, the genre itself is auto battler, so here you are required to make a combo game to defeat your opponent. After playing you can collect Battle Points easily in Mobile Legends.

Daily Chest Opening

By opening the Daily Chest in the Mobile Legends game, you can get Battle Point coffers to buy heroes. This method itself can only be done once a day, as for how to open it yourself, you have to play first and get a grade from the game.

If you get MvP then you can open the daily chest to get gold, exp and other items such as hero trials and skin trials, you can open daily chests once a day with quite a variety of Battle Points.

Open Free Chests

In Mobile Legends there are the most important boxes that you have to open, namely daily and medals. These two chests or boxes provide a fairly high amount of gold by just logging in and playing. It’s very important for you to understand.

Now in this free chest you can get daily prizes which make you have to log in continuously. The BP is actually not too much, but it’s not so bad if you collect it continuously later.

Not only daily magic chess, you can also open free chests that you can get every 4 hours, log in every few hours so you can claim the free chests. It is located under the daily chest, where these two chests are powerful enough fields to get a lot of Battle Points in the Mobile Legends game.

Complete Daily Missions

Next is the Daily Reward which you can complete in an easy way, namely by playing the Mobile Legends game, doing daily missions, you only need to play the game, and make a claim on the Daily Reward. It’s quite easy to get Battle Points this way, by just playing, you’ve already claimed all the prizes.

There are daily rewards that you can complete to get a lot of BP. At least every day you can get hundreds of BP very easily with the available missions. For those who are curious, here are the missions;

  • Mobile legends game login
  • Complete 1 and 2 matches
  • It can also be done by completing 1 match in Brawl mode
  • Win 1, 2, 3 matches in Ranked mode
  • Get 25 Kill or Assist
  • Destroy 4 enemy turrets
  • Kill Lord/Turtle 3 times
  • Share the results of the game 1 time
  • Watch Live Stream 1 time
  • Win 1, 2 matches With friends in Classic/Ranked mode
  • Complete 2 matches together with group members.
  • Upgrade Emblem Set Level 1 time
  • Use 400 BP today
  • Use at least 1 ticket today
  • Use 1 diamond today.
  • Only for Starlight Member users

Update Reward

When Moonton brings an update to the Mobile Legends game, you will get a bonus in the form of in-game items such as skins, chests, and also Battle Points. Now you can take advantage of this, by always checking it in your mobile legends game inbox and making a claim, then you can collect more Battle Points in Mobile Legends.

Not only that, the prize for downloading the source game Mobile Legends can also give you an item in the form of magic dust or Battle Points in your event. The trick itself is to download the latest data update then you will get the prize.

Event Rewards

In addition, there are also daily events that you must also follow. Usually in Mobile Legends there are several daily missions that you can follow and these missions will certainly be very helpful. The reset is also quite fast so you have to pay attention.

Apart from BP there are also many interesting things that await. For example, trial cards that you can sell or other items such as emblems. But as long as there is BP, you should just follow it so that later you can use it for yourself.

There are so many events that are presented by Moonton, at these events they often present various in-game prizes such as gold, skins and others. You just need to take part in the event and Moonton will give you various prizes such as Battle Points, to skins for you. That way, you can get Battle Points in Mobile Legends.

Lucky Spin

Lucky spins can also give you lots of prizes. What you are after is of course a permanent hero or skin in the prize pool. But you can also get BP which can also be used as a way to get ML Battle Points.

The BP in Lucky Spin is also quite large. This is because the number of BP in lucky spin can help you to collect. Sometimes some people take advantage of lucky spins so they can buy heroes hoping to get BP.

Lucky Spin can give you to get Battle Points in Mobile Legends, To get Battle Points at the Lucky Shop itself is quite easy, you just need to spin and then you will get a Battle Point prize of 350 Battle Points.

Not only can you get Battle Points, at Lucky Spin you can also get various other prizes such as skins, magic dust, skin trials, Mobile Legend heroes and many other prizes. You can also get Lucky Gems which you can later use to buy Odette skins and Odette heroes in Mobile Legends.

Sell tems

To get Battle Points in the next Mobile Legend game is to sell items, the intent of the items here are items such as trial cards, or items resulting from events that have been missed, you can exchange them to get Battle Points in Mobile Legend. The method itself is quite easy, you just need to go to the Backpack then get the items that are no longer useful and then just sell them to get Battle Points in Mobile Legend.

Use Trial Card

Yes, if you really need it and you are in a crisis, you can sell duplicate hero cards. There’s not a lot of BP, but if you have lots of cards it’s not so bad. You can also get cards from various places.

this hero trial card will really help you get a lot of BP, especially if you save quite a lot. So it’s not such a bad way if the players need it later as a way to get ML Battle Points.

How to get the next Battle Point is to use a Trial Card in the Battle Point game, just like selling items, Trial Cards can also get Battle Points in Mobile Legends, the method itself is quite easy, go to Backpack then look for a trial hero or skin trial that you already have Next, you just need to sell the skin or hero trial to get Battle Points in Mobile Legends.

So that’s the only way to get Battle Points quickly in Mobile Legends. Hopefully this review can be useful, especially for those of you who are Mobile Legends gamers. Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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