2 Best Aldous Emblem Mobile Legends (ML)

On this occasion, Esportsku will discuss the best Aldous Mobile Legends emblem.


Aldous is a fighter hero who has a typical stack in Mobile Legends. Aldous himself relies heavily on the stack he collected to increase his attack damage. He will be even stronger if he uses the right emblem set up. On this occasion, Esportsku will discuss the best Aldous Mobile Legends emblem.

Playing Aldous mobile legends requires patience because you can’t play aggressively in the early game. You have to collect the stack first until it makes the damage you produce even more painful. To collect each stack quickly you can use one Aldous skill to last hit the minion. To set up the emblem yourself, you can see below.

The Best Aldous Emblem

Assassin Emblem (Bounty Hunter)

This Assassin Bounty Hunter emblem is perfect for Aldous to use. This emblem will make the resulting damage even more painful. In addition, Aldous can also be helped in collecting Gold thanks to the effect of the talent bounty hunter. Aldous will get an additional gold of 30% from every opponent he manages to beat in a gameplay. The effect of this talent can be activated up to 15 times.

  • First Tier

In the first tier of the Assassin Bounty Hunter emblem, you can take 2x Movement speed, and take 1x Barvery to help increase your physical attack. When you use a set up like this in the first tier, it will make your Aldous more balanced and have good mobility.

  • Second Tier

In the second tier, you can fully take invasion points to increase physical penetration. With high physial penetration, Aldous can kill his enemies quickly and the opponent’s tank hero can be defeated by him easily.

Assassin’s Emblem (Killing Spree)

The Assassin emblem with the talent Killing Spree is also very suitable for Aldous to use. The effect of the talent killing spree itself will make Aldous get HP recovery by 15% of max HP and an additional movement speed of 30% after successfully eliminating the opponent.

  • First Tier

In the first tier you can use Agility 1x and the rest you can use for Bravery so that the increase in Physical attack is even higher. When using the talent Killing spree movement speed, it is enough to add 1 point.

  • Second Tier

In the second tier you can take full invasion to get a high phsyscial penetration increase. In this second tier, you will get more advantages to fight heroes with high durability.

Those are some of the best set up for the Aldous Mobile Legends emblem that I have discussed in Esports. Use one of the emblem sets above and make your Aldous even stronger. Don’t forget to keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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