3 Advantages of Fighting Lowered in PUBG Mobile


You can do various tips and tricks in the PUBG Mobile game. One of them is the prone position. In line with that, this time we will provide information about the 3 advantages of fighting down in PUBG Mobile in the following article.

PUBG Mobile is a favorite battle royale game that has millions of active players scattered in various parts of the world. This game offers a play style as well as detailed graphic quality. That makes PUBG Mobile a realistic game.

This game presents a vast battle royale world. Each map has its own characteristics and regional complexity. It makes a lot of possibilities when the match is in progress.


3 Advantages of Fighting Lowered in PUBG Mobile

As a shooter game with the battle royale genre, it is absolutely necessary for players to win the battle. Various techniques are used to be the best in the game.

PUBG Mobile players must take advantage of various positions when in the game. One of them is the prone or prone position which actually has many uses.


Reduces Recoil Rate

The first advantage when fighting prone is that it can reduce the recoil rate of the weapons used. This point is very useful when you do ranged attacks.

That is why many weapons are equipped with a built-in bipod. With a prone position, the weapon is easier to stabilize when used.

Starting from aiming at your enemy, you will feel that the crosshair of your weapon is moving steadily. Likewise, when you start shooting, the shock of the gun is not too strong so it doesn’t interfere with your shot bullets.


To Do Drop Shot Tricks

The next advantage of fighting prone is that you can do the Drop Shot trick. This trick is useful when you are at close range.

You can surprise your enemy by suddenly changing position to a prone position. At the same time shooting at your enemy. For complete information about this Drop Shot trick, you can read more here.


Play as Snake

The last advantage of fighting on your stomach is that you can play the game as a snake. This is a technique that many players are familiar with.

The trick is that you do a prone position in the grass area. That way your character will be covered by the tall grass. You can freely give surprise shots to enemies around you.

Because of the popularity of this method, this technique of playing as a snake is also known as the “Sanhok Snake”. That is because this technique of playing as a snake requires an area of ​​wild grass to hide.


So Sanhok is the right map to do this technique. As we know, the Sanhok map has characteristics that are filled with wild plants that are scattered all over the map.

Those are the 3 advantages of fighting prone in the PUBG Mobile game. Follow the latest information and news about the world of esports only at Esportsku!