3 Tips Free Fire Distraction-free, Multiple Kills Guaranteed!

Distraction is caused by some factors, and it will cause you to play improperly, and it must be abolished at all cost, in order for you to focus on the game!


Garena, as the sole developer of Free Fire, is releasing new updates and events that keeps on attracting new players as of today. They will also release new characters pretty soon that increases options for the player to choose. Now, we have tips how to Play Free Fire with Distraction-free that brings you multiple kills.

Garena also have further development plans upcoming soon, it was proven by the May 7th 2020 maintenance which enhances the overall game performance. There’s also something new that players can receive after the maintenance is complete, that will also enhance the players gaming experience. More updates and surprises from Garena is expected to be released in the future.

For now, in order for you to Booyah obviously you have to play it right. If you’re doing something wrong or distracted, there will be less chance for you to win, that’ll cost your rank to demote.

Distraction is caused by some factors, and it will cost you to play improperly, and it must be abolished at all cost, in order for you to focus on the game!

Things not to do When You Play Free Fire

  1. Being nervous

If you’re feeling nervous when you play, it’s better to quit for a while and gain confidence. If you keep playing while being nervous, it will disrupt your in-game performance. For instance, while an enemy is approaching, you flee instead of attacking the enemy only because you’re nervous. As a result, you’ll have a higher risk of dying. In order to gain confidence, use your best weapon available in Free Fire. Picking a character with suitable skill for you is better than

  1. Tired

When you’re tired or even physically ill, it effects your in-game performance. It’s better to rest and not forcing yourself to play, as it worsen your physical condition and it disrupts your gameplay. Instead of playing calmly, you’ll play with a lot of pain in your head. We suggest you to get some sleep or have some rest. When you feel better, you can try DJ Alok’s pro counter to maximize your play!

  1. Make sure you’re not busy

If you’re busy, it is obviously a huge distraction when you play. For instance, if you’re busy working and you play instead, you won’t be able to focus on the game. Try to play the game while you’re vacant and not too busy. There’s some way to play Free Fire in a relaxed way for you to win flawlessly.

Well, that’s some information that we can give you for today about how to play free fire with distration-free. You can get multiple kill if this tips works for you