38 List of All Skins Lucky Box Epic Limited Mobile Legends (ML)

The following Esportsku will present a list of all the Lucky Box skins that have been present in the Mobile Legends game. What are the skins? Let's look at the following reviews in full.


Lucky Box is a memorable event in Mobile Legends. For now, Lucky Box has been officially replaced by the Grand Collector Event. For nostalgia, here is a list of all the Lucky Box skins in Mobile Legends. The following Esportsku will present a list of all the Lucky Box skins that have been present in the Mobile Legends game. What are the skins? Let’s look at the following reviews in full.

The Lucky Box skin is also known as the Epic Limited skin, where this skin can only be obtained for a limited period of time, only for that event. Well for now. Lucky Box has been replaced by the Grand Collector skin, where there will be no Lucky Box events in the future.

The following is a list of Lucky Box or Epic Limited which was present in 2016 to 2020 in the Mobile Legends game.

Miya – Christmas Carnival

This Miya hero skin is the first skin to be present at the Lucky Box event in late December 2016. Now the skin is also a Christmas gift which you can get by participating in this event.

You must be familiar with the hero Miya. The first marksman hero who was present at Mobile Legends did get a lot of priority by Moonton. This is because Miya is also a moskov in Mobile Legends who appears on the game logo.

Chou – Dragon Boy

Continued in the following month to be precise in January 2017 ago. The skin that was present at the Lucky Box event was the Chou hero with the name Dragon Boy. This skin is an Epic Limited skin which is to celebrate Chinese holidays that year.

Dragon Boy is also the most popular skin and is targeted by many gamers. Very many players want this skin. This is because Chou is one of the meta heroes of all time.

Alice – Wizardry Teacher

Next continued in March, unfortunately in February 2017 Moonton did not release the Lucky Box skin. Which skin immediately jumps to March and releases the mage hero skin Alice with the name Wizardry Teacher.

This skin is a very stunning skin, by turning Alice into a teacher which is certainly very attractive to male Mobile Legends gamers. This skin is also being targeted by ML players.

Alpha – Onimusha Commander

Next in April 2017. Moonton released an Epic Limited skin for an Alpha hero named Onimusha Commander. At that time Alpha was just released, and this hero immediately got a very cool Limited skin.

Currently, the Onimusha Commander skin will get its newest revamp. Which is fair, because Alpha Skin has been around for quite a while in Mobile Legends. Players need the latest revamp for this skin.

Alucard – Child of the Fall

Continue in May 2017. Moonton released a skin for the most handsome hero in Mobile Legends. The skin is Child of the Fall given to the hero Alucard. This skin was the target of ML players at that time.

Child of the Fall itself is a skin that was inspired by the Final Fantasy film which was quite booming that year. So that Moonton released a skin with the theme Final Fantasy for the hero Alucard in the Mobile Legends game.

Eudora – Emerald Enchantress

Next is the skin for Eudora’s hero named Emerald Enchantress which is the Lucky Box skin in July 2017. This skin is a skin that is not really selling well. Because the appearance for the Eudora hero looks quite strange and the skin underneath looks even better.

However, this Lucky Box skin got the latest revamp some time ago which made gamers who have bought this Eudora skin not so sorry to get it first.

Estes – Galaxy Dominator

Continue in the following month. The Lucky Box skin is given to the hero Estes – Galaxy Dominator which was released in August 2017. This skin features a cool space-themed character for the hero Estes in Mobile Legends.

But unfortunately, because Estes is not a meta hero and is not much favorite. Sales of the Estes Dominator skin are fairly quiet. Players tend to choose hero cores over support.

Roger – Dr. Beast

Continue in the following month, namely in October 2017. Moonton released one of the skins for Roger’s hero named Dr. Beast. This skin can be said to have Roger’s character as a scientist.

The Lucky Box skin for this Roger hero looks very cool and has the appearance of a doctor who can turn into a fierce wolf. This SKin is Roger’s best skin to date.

Freya – War Angel

At the end of 2017. The Lucky Box skin is given to the hero Freya. Unfortunately for November, Moonton didn’t release a new Lucky Box skin. So this month they released a meta skin at this time.

Freya used to be a very tough hero. So War Angel is a suitable title for Freya in Mobile Legends. The ability of this one hero is indeed the strongest on the battlefield.

Lancelot – Royal Matador

In early 2018, the Lucky Box skin was given to the hero Lancelot. At that time, Lancelot became a very meta and irreplaceable hero. This hero is even very difficult above and has always been played in matches in 2018.

Therefore, Moonton tries to take advantage of the momentum of the popularity of the Lancelot hero by releasing the Lucky Box skin for this Lancelot hero. With a display that is fairly impressive. Currently, many players want the skin of the hero Lancelot in Mobile Legends.

Odette – Mermaid Princess

Next is the Lucky Box skin for the Odette hero who has the name Mermaid Princess. This skin was released in March 2018. Which Odette has the look of a sea queen.

Odetta incarnates as a very beautiful mermaid. This Epic Limited skin is one of the most targeted skins by Mobile Legends gamers, especially for Odette hero users in the Mobile Legends game.

Zhask – Bone Flamen

The Lucky Box event continued in April 2018, which this month Moonton presented the latest skin for the hero Zhask who has a pretty scary appearance in the Mobile Legends game.

This skin has the appearance of Zhask as a monster that descends from outer space to the Land of Dawn. The character which features the Armor in the form of large writing makes the Zhask hero look very manly in the Mobile Legends game.

Zilong – Changbanpo Commander

Next, the Lucky Box skin was given to a Zilong hero named Changbanpo Commander, this skin was released in May 2018 ago. This Zilong skin has the appearance of a typical warrior from China in the past.

But unfortunately, even though it is a skin that can be said to be epic limited, there are still other cool Zilong skins that can even be purchased directly. This makes the Lucky Box hero Zilong skin not very popular.

Karina – Doom Duelist

Now it continues in the following month, to be precise in June 2018. The Lucky Box skin is given to Karina’s hero named Doom Duelist. This skin is also a prize at the MCL tournament even though it is a trial only.

Doom Duelist for hero Karina has a very cool, spooky appearance and of course has a very handsome and amazing animation effect. Karina seems to have turned into a demon queen in the Land of Dawn.

Fanny – Skylark

Next, in July 2018 the Mobile Legends game gave to Fanny’s hero, who is also the most awaited skin at the moment. Because many gamers are waiting for the latest skins for Fanny heroes.

At that time, Fanny’s hero only had one Elite skin named Campuss Youth, after several months of not getting a new skin, Moonton immediately gave Epic Limited skin afterwards.

Lesley – Stellaris Ghost

In the following month to be precise in August 2018 in the Mobile Legends game. The Lucky Box skin is given to Lesley’s hero with the name Stellaris Ghost. This skin has the appearance of the hero Lesley being a space soldier.

The Stellaris Ghost skin has a white cloak character and a very large sniper weapon. When said to be Epic Limited. The author himself doesn’t really like this Lesley skin.

Akai – Imperial Assassin

Akai is not an assassin hero but a tanker hero. But this one hero gets a Lucky Box skin with the name Imperial assassin. The appearance of this skin does make Akai look like a panda assassin.

This one skin was presented in September 2018, which is currently the Akai Assassin meta being popular among Mobile Legends gamers, so Moonton released this skin to take advantage of the existing momentum.

Martis – God of War

One of the meta heroes in 2018 is Martis, since its release this hero is quite scary with the ability of CC who plays. Therefore, in October 2018, Moonton presented the Lucky Box hero Martis skin.

The skin is called God of War which is one of the skins that makes martyrs like a war god. This skin has a handsome armor with a golden color, making Martis very suitable as a god in war.

Kagura – Soryu Maiden

Next is the Kagura Soryu Maiden hero who is the Lucky Box skin released in November 2016 ago. This skin shows the beauty and beauty of Kagura’s hero. Kagura looks very beautiful and elegant.

Kagura Soryu Maiden shows the true beauty of this one hero mage. Many Kagura gamers who of course have to get the Kagura skin besides being beautiful, super cool animation effects are also the main attraction.

Gatotkaca – Sentinel

Gatotkaca Sentinel is a Lucky Box skin which was released in December 2018. This skin has the appearance of Gatotkaca as a super cool robot. When it comes to design, this skin is not inferior to Gusion’s Legends skin.

Gatotkaca itself is a very strong tanker hero. Moreover, 2018 was the time when Gatotkaca was included in the meta in Mobile Legends. This hero is very powerful as a hero tanker initiator.

Moskov – Twilight Dragon

For the Lucky Box skin in early 2019, to be precise in January, Moonton released one of the skins for the Moskov hero. This skin is called Twilight Dragon which is currently the coolest skin that Moskov has.

The Twilight Dragon skin has a display that has a dominating purple color. This thick color makes Moskov look quite creepy and also frightening. He looks very strong with his black wings that look like a devil.

Karrie – Hawkwatch

For the following month, to be precise in February 2019. Moonton released the Lucky Box skin for the Karrie hero. This skin shows Karrie as a predator who is ready to fight all hero tankers.

Karrie seems to be a different person. With a complete costume, showing himself like a soldier with silver armor on every part of his body. This skin is very beautiful and also cool.

Claude – Mecha Dragon

The next skin is given to Claude’s hero with the name Mecha Dragon. The Lucky Box hero Claude skin was released in March 2019 in the Mobile Legends game. At the same time, this Mecha Dragon skin is the coolest skin that Claude has.

Claude with this Mecha Dragon skin features Claude in all green armor. This looks like a Dragon’s skin which can be said to be dominated by Green, in addition to Dexter, who is Claude’s partner, who has also turned into a tiny dragon.

Saber – Onimaru

The next one is Saber’s skin named Onimaru, Saber with this skin looks very cool and different from other skins. And it is no less good than the Legends skin it has.

This Onimaru Lucky Box skin was released in April 2019 at the Lucky Box event. This skin is a mandatory skin that you can get after Saber’s Legend skin in Mobile Legends.

Ruby – Lady Zombie

In May 2019, the Lucky Box event presents a skin for the Ruby hero under the name Lady Zombie. This skin features cute Ruby who turns into a cute and tiny zombie.

Like other zombies. Ruby wears a typical Zombie outfit in general with a color filled with green, Ruby also uses an amulet on her forehead.

Johnson – Wreck King

In June 2019, the Lucky Box skin was given to Johnson’s hero with a skin called Wreck King. This skin has a super large appearance. Manly and of course because it is Epic Limited being the coolest skin Johnson has.

Hero Johnson often gets skins with the current car theme, starting from police, trucks, buses, and for this Lucky Box skin, Johnson becomes a very large bulldozer car and is ready to drill into his opponents.

Kimmy – Astrocat

For July 2019, the Lucky Box Skin was given to the hero Kimmy. This skin has the same skin as Nana and Lesley. Where Kimmy wore a cute and large all-white costume.

The appearance of the Lucky Box skin is very cute, especially for the way Kimmy flies, making this Lucky Box skin named Astrocat very suitable for use by Kimmy’s hero in the Mobile Legends game.

Uranus – Video Game Dominator

For the next Lucky Box skin, it is given to the Uranus hero with the name Video Game Dominator. This one skin has the appearance as the name implies, which displays the characters that you can see in a game.

This Lucky Box skin has an animation that looks like an old school game. Uranus has a very different appearance from other skins. But still, this one skin is the best of the Uranus skins it has.

Leomord – Inferno Soul

The next skin is Leomord. This fighter hero received the Lucky Box skin in September 2019. Lemord himself is a tough hero as a brave horse knight.

On his Lucky Box skin. Lemord seems to have a very great character, with animated effects and animations as well as a character full of fire. So don’t be surprised if this Epic Limited skin is the best right now.

Hayabusa – Shadow of Obscurity

The next one is the Lucky Box skin given to Hayabusa. This skin is called Shadow of Obscurity. This skin is the best skin currently owned by Hayabusa.

Many Hayabusa players are eyeing this skin to get. However, it is quite unfortunate that the Lucky Box skin is fairly limited and can only be obtained in October 2019. To get it back is only at the Party Box event.

Irithel – Astral Wanderer

For the Lucky Box skin in November 2019, it was given to the hero Irithel. This Marksman gets his newest skin which is quite similar to Lesley, Kimmy and Nana’s skin.

Irithel has the costume of a soldier who has very complete armor. Irithel is also riding a tiger which looks like a half robot animal. A new look is present on this Lucky Box skin.

Kaja – Skyblocker

Skybloker is indeed a very suitable name for the Lucky Box skin in December 2019 for Kaja’s hero. Because Kaja himself is a tough hero in countering opponents. The name Blocker, he deserves.

This Lucky Box skin features Kaja like a very tough warrior, full armor and costume in black and gold and also the appearance of Kaja which is very cool from other skins. In addition to cool animations, this skin is also present.

Hanabi – Rakseshesa

At the beginning of 2020, to be precise in January, the Lucky Box Event presents one of the skins for the Hanabi hero. This skin has the name Raksesha which features Hanabi with a different character from Hanabi in general.

Rakshesha shows Hanabi looking like a demigod with the power of a spider hand behind her. This Hanabi skin has a purple color with long white hair and long hands.

Lunox – Butterfly Seraphim

Next, the Lucky Box skin was given to the Lunox hero with the name Butterfly Seraphim. As the name suggests, this skin has the appearance of a very beautiful fairy character. Lunox has butterfly wings on two different sides.

This skin is the most beautiful skin that Lunox has, so it’s no wonder that many players are looking forward to this skin in Mobile Legends. So you can get it on the Lucky Box in February 2020.

Franco – Valhalla Ruler

Valhalla Ruler is taken from the name of the god of thunder. This displays Franco’s Lucky Box hero skin like a god and of course with a powerful lightning effect. This skin was released in March 2020.

For those of you who are Franco users, surely this skin is the best and coolest skin that the hero Franco has. This is certain because the skin that was released on Lucky Box is an Epic Limited skin which of course is very expensive to get.

Guinevere – Lady Crane

For the next skin, Guinevere’s hero skin named Lady Crane. This skin was released in April 2020. It is also the best and best skin for the current guinevere hero. You definitely really want this skin.

Guinevere is a hybrid mage fighter hero who is quite popular and meta. This one hero is mostly played as a very tough offlaner as well as a hero with executor abilities. With this skin, you will definitely be more enthusiastic when playing.

Selena – Thunder Flash

Next up is Selena’s hero skin named Thunder Flash. This skin displays the character Selena who is a dark elf, now a very beautiful woman like a princess.

This skin is the skin that is most sought after and desired, especially for user hero Selena. How could she not, Selena, who was just plain, was transformed into a very beautiful skin with this Lucky Box named Thunder Flash.

Chang’e – Lunar Magic

As a closing for the Lucky Box event in the Mobile Legends game. Moonton presents Chang’e’s skin hero named Lunar Magic. This skin is also the last skin they released at the Lucky Box event before the name changed to Grand Collector.

For the skin hero Chang’e Lunar Magic, it was released in June 2020. After the following month, to be precise in July 2020. All Lucky Box skins are now named Collector skins which start with the Badang hero.

So that’s it for a review of a list of all Lucky Box skins in the Mobile Legends game. Hopefully the reviews above can be useful especially for those of you who are Mobile Legends gamers. Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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