5 Best Elimination Effects in Mobile Legends (ML)

It will make you stronger. Seeing the Elimination Effect firsthand like this, will definitely make you look much cooler when you compete later.


Mobile Legends has released a lot of the latest very cool updates for you to try. Even the presence of 5 Best Elimination Effects in Mobile Legends (ML), it’s really cool and even has cool animations too. Seen as a good Elimination Effect so we can use it when competing, so that the enemy also knows it’s a good effect. It will make you stronger. Seeing the Elimination Effect firsthand like this, will definitely make you look much cooler when you compete later.

Because for now there are still many good events that appear in the Mobile Legends game to play. Missions that you really have to complete in this game, so you can get lots of new prizes too.

Darkest Takedown

The first Best Elimination Effect is Darkest Takedown, one of the special Effects that appears in the Abyss General Voice Theme. An Elimination Effect that gives rise to the same Effect as the Comic Series, written Crash which in a sense means destroying.

Even the size of the Elimination Effect is quite large, it is Purple and appears sequentially from Black and then Purple. It looks cool, but for How to Get the Darkest Takedown Elimination Effect itself, it is quite expensive too.

Elimination of the Future

Then you can find out that Elimination of the Future is here as a cool Elimination Effect for you to use. Even from the appearance itself it looks quite good and has the same effect as Darkest Takedown, because Esports I know this appears on the Series Hero in the game.

Has the inscription Kill, is Gold in color and has a much greater effect when it appears. It’s said to be one of the coolest Elimination Effects, so you yourself will like and be interested in using this when Ranking.


This is an Elimination Effect which is quite rare too, because it is from the Mobile Legends x Transformers Collaboration which is quite busy. As one of the new and cool Elimination Effects, having a Kill effect is very different for you to use.

Even when you manage to defeat the enemy, a lightning strike will appear from above as a surprise to the opponent. Then after the lightning appears from here, you can also immediately get a KO written in purple blue like iron.

Thunder Strikes

The lightning power of the Thunder Strikes Elimination Effect, does look very cool for us to use in the game later. Of course that would be one really nice Effect, so we’d also have a colorful lightning bolt. So you will also be interested in using this.

No wonder, for example, Thunder Strikes themselves become Effects that quickly disappear when they kill. Because doing a Kill and the effect will appear immediately enough.

515 Knockout

The big logo from Event 515 2021, appears as a very cool Elimination Effect gift for us to use. Making it an effect that looks cool will make you more stylish when competing. Give the players a chance later, so we can do the game very well.

After knowing the 15 Best Elimination Effects in Mobile Legends (ML), maybe one of these effects you really want to have. It’s just not the time yet, so you can’t have it yet and maybe wait for time first. Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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