5 Best Fighter Heroes in Mobile Legends (ML)

Here are 5 Best Hero Fighter in Mobile Legends (ML). There are many fighter heroes on mobile legends that you can use but this is the best list of them


Here we will discuss the best fighter heroes in Mobile Legends. In playing mobile legends, there are many heroes that you can use to play. There are those who have large damage as a carry on the team, or high defense skills to become a tank. There is also the best Fighter hero in Mobile Legends who can attack enemies easily, because they have strong skills in attacking enemies.

Fighter is a class in Mobile Legends that usually has strong skills against other heroes, and is placed as an offlaner. Many heroes in mobile legends have this class, and have different types. Some can become semi assassins, or semi tanks with the skills they have. It depends on how to play and the build items used by this hero so they can play well.

There are many heroes with this class, with the skills they have. Although usually placed in the offlane, there are also fighters who can become support because they have strong skills in helping the team. Therefore, this class is very flexible and can be used for several roles as well.


Hilda now has higher burst damage, allowing her to deal damage easily. The skills that allow him to run quickly really help him in chasing enemies. With her build items, Hilda can be very strong when attacking enemies, especially against heroes who don’t have good escape skills, or have low defense.

However, Hilda has weaknesses that are quite annoying in its use. He is very weak against CC, making it difficult to fight enemies with hard CC. Not only that, he can only rely on movement speed. So, it will be difficult to fight aggressive heroes like Kagura and Harith.


Roger is a fighter who can attack with 2 types. Himself can be a long range or close range. Roger has very strong skills in attacking enemies up close, allowing him to provide very high burst damage. When in range mode, Roger can provide strong poke damage, and also slow skills that are quite helpful in attacking enemies. So that he is very strong in melee attacks as well as long distances.

Roger also has weaknesses in playing. This weakness in playing, makes it difficult to play. Roger must be able to use 2 types either between long range or close range. because it has a long enough cooldown, this one hero is very difficult to use.

Yu Zhong

Yuzong is a fighter hero who has high durability like a tank. Not only that, Yu Zhong’s DoT is very high, allowing him to deal high damage. By using defensive items, he is very difficult to take down. Yu Zhong is one of the very strong fighter tank heroes, especially when doing team fight.

The weakness of this one hero is actually CC. He doesn’t have enough cc to be able to keep the enemy around him. This makes it more difficult to attack the enemy.


Khaleed is a fighter hero who can attack enemies quickly with wide enough aoe. He is also very strong with the lifesteal he has when using skills. With high Aoe skills and fast attacks, he is very strong in attacking and defending when playing. This is what makes him very strong and becomes a top tier figter.

Khaleed has a very strong lifesteal to use, allowing him to attack enemies and replenish his blood easily. However, he is very weak against antie heal. with anti heal, khaleed cannot fill his blood easily. Khaleed is also weak against cc, so if hit by cc like stun or other, it will be difficult for him to attack the enemy.


Ruby is the best fighter hero with strong mobile legends cc skills, and vamp skills that can provide heal when using skills. Ruby also has a strong cc skill in attracting enemies, as well as providing lockdown.

When locking down with his ultimate skill, you can get a lot of blood because you have a lot of damage and a strong passive.

This one hero is very weak against Anti heal. If an enemy uses anti-heal, Ruby can’t heal properly and makes him weaker. Despite its high CC, Ruby is very easily hooked due to its short distance.

Those are the tips about 5 Hero Fighter’s Increasing Tier in Mobile Legends, which you can try. Even though these existing heroes have increased their tier and become stronger, they still have their weaknesses. Don’t forget to keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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