5 Best Special Skins in Mobile Legends (ML)

Still no less competitive with other Skins in the game. Of course, with the appearance of the skin like that, it will make you know more about what it looks like and maybe you are interested in having it.


Mobile Legends has released a lot of the latest updates which are very good and cool for sure. Then to see the 5 Best Special Skins in Mobile Legends (ML), you might feel interested in being able to have these Skins. Because indeed the appearance of a Special Skin like this will look good, not inferior to other Skins too. Still no less competitive with other Skins in the game. Of course, with the appearance of the skin like that, it will make you know more about what it looks like and maybe you are interested in having it.

Especially if you use Skins in this Mobile Legends game, it will definitely feel different, because there are several different Skin Effects. Whether it’s Epic or Special, everything will really depend on the player on Like to be able to make choices from the skins that have appeared.

Granger – Hellbringer

The power of darkness that Granger has on a Special Skin called Hellbringer, this is something that is so scary in the game. Because Hellbringer had a ghastly side on every side, even Granger who had also changed his appearance to be like a merciless exterminator.

Even from each Skin attack effect, it is very surprising, so you can provide quite hard power. No wonder Hellbringer is a Special Skin that is so cool and has a power that is considered very deadly.

The weapon design on this Skin has indeed changed, you can get it for 759 Dm through the Shop.

Clint – Badminton Champion

One of my Esports Special and Favorite Skins, Clint Badminton Champion is one of the best too. Displaying a skin full of athletic soul power as a pro badminton player, Clint who brings a racket to be his weapon is also in the match.

Because as seen from the appearance of the Special Skin, Clint only uses the Pistol Kok and Racket to attack the enemy. But when it comes to giving effects, it’s cool and unique, because Clint will do a smash. This skin is also available in the shop at a price of 759 DM only, you can buy it directly or use a discount of course.

Earth’s Mightiest

A Skin that symbolizes the Virtual World as well as the Future, Claude’s Earth’s Mighties is indeed the best. Is a Special Skin in the game, has also some interesting attack effects and the appearance of Claude and Dexter are so cool.

Even from the Blue Hair, Blue Eyes technology and Claude’s weapons that appeared because of his future. Dexter also uses a Virtual Reality, like playing a game with a special gun for it. This Special Skin is only available in MSC 2021, it is not available again making it the best Skin from here.

Mech Protectors

The appearance of the Mech Protector which is very rare in the Mobile Legends game, so it will be something interesting. Because of the appearance of this Mech Protector Esports I gave it as a Skin with a full Robot guard form so that the name itself is Mech Protector.

Blue color with bright power that is very easy to see, even the attacks from Uranus’ weapons are very sharp. A lot has changed in the conditions of the game, so this will be the Best Special Skin for you to use. His presence appears at the Conquest of Dawn, even now we can’t get it at all.

Grim Stranger

The Best Special Skin from Natalia’s hero, Grim Strangler does have a very cool picture to fight enemies without being caught. From what Esportsku saw for myself, it turned out to be Natalia’s Skin which has the Modern ability to quickly disappear.

Then gives an image like a reliable Hacker, even from Natalia’s colors and suits that support holographic abilities. The future color and theme of the good skin, which makes Natalia the best Special Skin in the game. If you want to have this skin in a special event, because Grim Stranger is limited.

After seeing the 5 Best Special Skins in Mobile Legends (ML), of course it looks very cool and maybe you guys become even cooler. Including as a skin that is so good, it even has something that makes you feel excited to wear it in a match. Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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