5 easy but deadly ML heroes in Mobile Legends

Of the many heroes in Mobile Legends, there are also many heroes who are easy to use but deadly. The damage dealt if left unchecked is very fatal.


The Mobile Legends game is one of the most popular games in Indonesia, there are already a lot of people in Indonesia who play one of the best games. In addition, this game has also been played by various ages, from those who are still young children to even adults. There are several easy but deadly ML heroes in Mobile Legends that you can use in mobile legend battles.

This game also now has many competitors from other games such as PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile and Free Fire. Even though it has many competitors, this Mobile Legends game has never decreased the number of players until now.

Increasingly, more and more people are starting to try this one game. More and more players. Of course, the heroes that we will discuss this time will probably be one of the heroes who will start to triumph again.

Of the many heroes in Mobile Legends, there are also many heroes who are easy to use but deadly. The damage dealt if left unchecked is very fatal. Here we will provide a list of easy deadly ML heroes in Mobile Legends. The heroes below should not be taken lightly, because their existence is very dangerous.

Easy but deadly ML Hero in Mobile Legends

1. Layla

This easy hero mobile legends is not a foreign hero for Mobile Legends players. Layla is the first hero you will get and Layla you have also used at the beginning of when you play this game (earliest tutorial).
Layla is quite easy to use if you are still in the Warrior to Master rank. Because you can get this hero for free, many people who are still in Rank Warrior use this hero as the main hero when playing in Classic or Ranked.

2. Zilong

The second hero that you will get on your new account is Zilong. Hero ML Easy But Deadly Fighter is also very popular because the mechanism is quite easy and not too difficult for you when using it.

Zilong also has enormous damage and a pretty fast attack speed. Zilong has the Ultimate Skill that can make him burn and this will make him have a large damage as well as a fast Movement and Attack Speed.

3. Alucard

Easy but deadly ML Hero next is Alucard. For this hero, Alucard’s popularity already exists from Rank Warrior to Mythic. This Alucard Hero has 2 types of Role Fighter Assassin that are the same as Zilong. Alucard also has a very cool appearance that is often used in Rank Warrior to Mythic.

In addition, Alucard has a fairly low difficulty level and has a large Life Steal and Damage. Therefore Alucard is one of the players in the Warrior to Mythic rank.

4. Miya

This easy but deadly ML hero is a very forgotten Marksman. Even this hero is not considered by many players in Mobile Legends. This is because Miya has skills that can be considered normal for a Marksman.

Despite that, Miya is still very popular. This hero is also often used by many people. You can also buy Miya at a pretty cheap price too.

Miya has also now been revamped by mobile legends. That way his attacks will be strong and also steady to the enemy he is facing. Mobile legends players must use this hero later

5. Lesley

The last very popular easy hero mobile legends is Lesley. This last Marksman Hero has a fairly low difficulty level and is very easy to use. Lesley being one of the best options for push too

Even so, Lesley remains the strongest Marksman hero in the Mobile Legends game. Therefore this hero is still one of the very popular heroes for Push.

Mobile legends players can use this hero to always win in battle. Indeed, this hero is very easy and often played by underage players with unstable emotions. However, if handled correctly, these heroes will be very deadly

That’s the Easy But Deadly Hero ML. Even so, the heroes above are still used by some people in the Mythic Rank even though the numbers are not too many. That’s all we can say, Thank you.