5 Famous Feeder Heroes in Mobile Legends (ML)

On this occasion, Esportsku will discuss the famous feeder Heroes in Mobile Legends.


Currently in Mobile Legends there are lots of heroes available. There are heroes who are so strong and there are also those who are so weak. Usually if a hero is not played properly it will only become a burden and become a feeder. On this occasion, Esportsku will discuss the famous feeder Heroes in Mobile Legends.

Feeder is a term given to players who play a gameplay but its performance is very poor. Point kills and the number of deaths are inversely proportional and dominant minus because there are more dead numbers. Usually these feeders if they are reported after the match is over, they will get a penalty from Moonton.


Alucard is one of the heroes who often feeds in gameplay. Usually this hero becomes a feeder when played incorrectly and the use of his one skill is arbitrary. That’s what makes it easy to kill and eventually become a feeder.


Diggie can also become a hero who becomes a feeder in gameplay. Even as we know before, this hero is the creator of the meta diggie feeder in Mobile Legends. But currently it has been fixed by Moonton and you can’t use it again in a match.


Layla is also known as the hero feeder in Mobile Legends. Usually players who use this hero incorrectly will become feeders in gameplay. This is due to poor positioning and not being able to make good use of his attack skills.


Argus is a hero who has the same blink skill as Alucard. If the use of the blink skill is careless and ineffective, it will usually make the player who uses it experience blunders. That is what makes him easily killed by opponents and eventually becomes a feeder in a gameplay.


Before being revamped and there was the addition of the lock feature from using skills, this hero was known as a feeder in Mobile Legends. Zilong usually makes wrong lock errors when using his blink skill. This is what makes him often in an offside position and eventually can be killed easily by the enemy.

That’s an explanation of the 5 famous heroes who feed on my Esports version of Mobile Legends. After reading the explanation above, it is hoped that you can get better at the gameplay and the use of skills when using these heroes in gameplay. Don’t forget to keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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