5 Heroes Are Not Suitable In Brawl Mode Mobile Legends (ML)

heroes who are not very suitable and can make you bored when playing Brawl & Mirror Mode.


this time there is a mobile legends hero who is not suitable when playing brawl mode. This is because Mobile Legends Brawl Mode and Mirror Mode are united to make the fight even fiercer, because there is only 1 lane or lane in the battle arena.

Even though this event is only temporary and will usually be held again, this time we will provide some information on heroes that are not very suitable and can make you bored while playing the Brawl & Mirror Mode.

Hero is not suitable in Brawl mode in Mobile Legends


If you play in this mode, using a hero who has a Role Tank is not recommended at all. However, hylos is a hero not suitable in Brawl Mobile Legends mode

There are also tanks that are fun to use when playing in this mode, but not for Hylos. The skill issued by this hero is only the ultimate which is quite useful, but it won’t be useful because one team you all Hylos.


It’s hard to really win the match because of the hero’s lack of offensive ability. So, choose another Hero while you can. Estes really wouldn’t do anything if players used it without knowing the technique.


Terizla instead becomes a Hero who is not suitable in Brawl Mode in Mobile Legends. This is because of his very minimalist mobility.
Even though the damage is quite large, unfortunately the dash-type skill makes it very slow and very easy for enemies to chase.


Hero Assassin whose ability is very advanced like Karina. The damage is really big at the beginning of the game. However, the battlefield that was straight ahead meant that his abilities could not come out to its full potential.


Hero mage is one of the most reliable heroes when playing in Brawl & Mirror Mode. These mage heroes can dominate the game in Brawl mode at the beginning of the game compared to Hero Melee.

This is an exception for the Cyclops hero. Maybe some of you will disagree because he has a skill that locks the enemy, then finishes him off when they can’t move.

Those are some heroes who are not suitable to be played in Brawl & Mirror mode when playing mobile legends. This is just a suggestion from us, if there is a Hero Sun in that choice it’s better to just take it.

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