5 Heroes for Combo Carmilla in Mobile Legends (ML)

Here we will give some very strong heroes when paired with Carmilla in Mobile Legends.


Carmilla is a support hero who has very high teamfight potential. He is a very deadly mobile legends mage hero role and is often the key to combos and strategies in various teams. Carmilla as a solo hero is not very good, but she is actually very strong when paired. Well, this time we will discuss the 5 Best Combo Hero ML Carmilla that you should know. Here we will give some very strong heroes when paired with Carmilla in Mobile Legends.

Carmilla is able to share damage and CC to enemies with her ulti which is very deadly in teamfight mobile legends, especially when the late game comes. CC and scattered damage will be very difficult to avoid because Carmilla’s link skill is very dangerous.

Carmilla really needs a compact team because playing Carmilla solo is a bit difficult. This is what makes it rare META.


Hanabi is a very strong marksman hero in teamfight but not so in 1v1 for several reasons. The main reason Hanabi is strong in teamfight is because of her S1 and ulti. Hanabi can attack the entire enemy team with her S1, this is very strong when combined with Carmilla’s ulti.

Roughly speaking, the enemy will be affected by all of Hanabi’s damage and he can also lock the entire team using ulti. This is very deadly and can also have a domino effect. One of Carmilla’s 5 Best ML Combo Heroes is high area damage.


Moskov is a very terrible marksman in the late game. In addition, thanks to his passive, it will be deadly when teamfight is there because he can attack through enemies effectively. This effect can be made even worse with Carmilla and her ultimate skill.

With Carmilla’s ulti effect, Moskov can attack enemies and penetrate them, where the two effects of this attack will bounce off each other thanks to Carmilla’s ulti. The damage from this combo is dangerous damage because enemies behind can die quickly.


Aldous is a burst hero who has very high damage in the late game when his S1 stack is very high. This is very deadly because Aldous can kill enemies very quickly with his ulti and S1 combo.

When paired with Carmilla, S1 Aldous which has a little AoE will deal high damage to all enemy teams affected by Carmilla’s effect. Even he can kill more than one hero with his combo.


Next is Cecilion, these two heroes are lovers in Mobile Legends. Just like Combo Harley and Lesley which has special skill effects. You will also get skill effects when these two heroes are in a match.

You can take advantage of this combo attack, Cecilion will get a shield obtained from Carmilla.

In addition to the shield, Carmilla can also attack the opponent without the target knowing, and inflict additional damage that is very painful to the opponent.


Who does not know this Hero Eudora, this mobile legends hero is predicted to be the revamp of mobile legends for the next hero. Well, it turns out that this hero is very powerful when combined with Carmilla Mobile Legends.

With his ultimate area skill and stun skill, Eudora is able to stand up to be combined with this Carmilla Mobile Legends hero. The perfect combination of skills to perform combos between the two heroes.

Those are some very strong heroes when paired with Carmilla in Mobile Legends. These heroes have almost the same similarities as burst damage, AoE damage, or dangerous CC.

These heroes are very strong with Carmilla. You must take advantage of Carmilla’s ulti which is very strong when ganking and teamfight. This is so that the positive possibilities are greater. Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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