5 Heroes for Combo Julian Mobile Legends (ML)

It would be good with some other heroes. So that you can provide each other with an equally cool playing performance, and make it easier for both of them to go forward and kill.


Mobile Legends has released a lot of the latest very cool updates for you to try. Even using 5 Heroes for Combo Julian Mobile Legends (ML), will make the game even more exciting. Because this hero will have a strong backup backup, and launch a huge combo. It would be good with some other heroes. So that you can provide each other with an equally cool playing performance, and make it easier for both of them to go forward and kill.

The ability that Julian gives when competing is indeed very strong, we also can’t guess what his attack will be like. But in long-range combat, this will most likely be a weakness and we must avoid it properly.


The first hero who can Combo with Julian is Tigreal, because Skill 2 and Ultimate really help. Given that Julian uses 2 Skills, then Skill 3 has the same effect as Ultimate with a Cooldown for a while, so Tigreal is suitable.

Combo Tigreal Ultimate and Skill 2, then Esports I suggest using Skill 1 Ultimate or 3 Ultimate for that. Because Julian Skill 1 which changes will deal very high Damage, even Skill 3 gives a Knockup Effect and large Damage.


The Freeze skill is active after the Aurora Red Bar, so it really helps Julian to give a deadly Combo. Because the Aurora attack will make the opponent immobile, later Julian’s hero can immediately advance using Skill 2 and then Combo using the Skill.

In order to be able to deal damage and attack, even for Skill 3 that locks the movement of the enemy. It is certain that the opponent who is hit by the Combo of these two heroes will definitely have a big impact in the battle, whether one or all of the opponents are targeted.


For Combo with Hero Atlas, Esports I suggest that those of you who use Julian must be patient waiting for the Atlas open war. But if you want to help Atlas in targeting 1 enemy, then use Skill 2 and 3 to lock the enemy.

If it hits a lot, Atlas can go forward and use his Ultimate so that no one can escape. After getting a hard slam, Julian can use Skill 1 which is awakened to give a fairly high Damage.


Kidnapping one of the Enemies is Franco’s task, so his attack will help Julian without endangering him. Make sure Franco can indeed kidnap a Hero who can fast Julian Combo, now if you get Franco Ultimate so you can’t run away anywhere.

Within this 2 – 3 Seconds, Julian should be able to deal large damage to the opponent using his Combo Skill. As much as possible use Awaken Skills that are CC or full damage so that later they will not release the enemy’s life and get Kill.


Iron bone wire muscles, will help Julian do Combo because his Skill 2 is able to attract the attention of the enemy. But in conditions like this, my Esports advises you to be able to direct Gatot to open War, so that later Julian himself will be able to give a good performance.

In this condition, my Esports advice is to use Skill 2 and 3 then Skill 1 to increase the damage. But you can also use Combo Skill 2 and 1, then Skill 3 so that a large CC Effect attack can help you in the battle.

Of course using 5 Heroes or Combo Julian Mobile Legends (ML), it will definitely make Julian not difficult to catch the enemy. So that we who already understand the Combo, must also be able to ensure the attack properly and correctly too. Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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