5 Heroes for Combo Luo Yi in Mobile Legends (ML)

That's why the Hero combo Luo Yi in Mobile Legends is very suitable to be combined with heroes who can do the best initiation as found in the following heroes.


Mobile Legends is one of the best MOBA games that you can play, in the game there is a strong hero named Luo Yi, for those of you who are Luo Yi users, here is the Hero Combo Luo Yi in Mobile Legends. That’s why the Hero combo Luo Yi in Mobile Legends is very suitable to be combined with heroes who can do the best initiation as found in the following heroes.

Luo Yi is one of the best mage heroes who is currently often played as a support hero. This hero mage has excellent teleport abilities and can bring his entire team to the specified target.


Luo Yi’s combo hero in the first Mobile Legends is Tigreal, this hero has a very good ability to initiate. Yep, Tigreal’s ability can collect enemy heroes and then give a very strong stun.

The enemy hero who is hit by Tigreal’s attack can’t do anything and then other heroes can attack easily and stop the movement of all the opposing heroes.


Next is Kaja who is one of the best heroes who can kidnap opponent heroes in Mobile Legends, the ability of this one hero can give a very deadly attack in Mobile Legends.

Together with Luo Yi, Kaja will teleport to a predetermined target, then when it arrives, Kaja will carry out his attack to kidnap the opponent’s hero. Luo Yi will help attack and defeat him.


Next is Claude, you can give a very deadly attack using Luo Yi and Claude. Here Luo Yi will teleport towards the opponent and then Claude as the attacker.

Claude is considered a very fast hero in attacking, make sure Luo Yi brings Claude’s hero towards ambush so that later Claude’s shadow can hide in ambush and is difficult for the opponent to know.


The hero with the Ultimate Skill that blocks all Blink Skills or escapes, Minsitthar is also one of Luo Yi’s very strong Combo Heroes. Because it makes the opponent unable to escape, of course Minsitthar himself will really be very helpful with that.

Moreover, Minsitthar’s own hero has the advantage in War, so Luo Yi will not be too difficult with all of this. But back to the players themselves, whether you can do the Combo correctly or not.


A giant buffalo shaped like a Human half Animal, making the Minotaur himself Luo Yi’s best Combo. Because of the Ultimate Mino’s ability which will make a big shock, so the hit opponent will not be able to run away for a long time.

Luo Yi could use an opportunity like this to immediately prepare the Yin and Yang Combo to make it even stronger. When the Yin and Yang Enemies unite, they can create high damage and we can still spam because the Minotaur can interfere with their movement to escape.

So that’s all for the Luo Yi combo hero row in Mobile Legends. Hopefully the presence of this review can provide various attack ideas for each attack in Mobile Legends. Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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