5 Heroes for Counter Layla Mobile Legends (ML)

Here, Esportsku will provide a row of Layla Mobile Legends hero counters in the Mobile Legends game.


Layla is one of the longest marksman heroes in the Mobile Legends game. This one hero is often underestimated but has a very large ability. For those of you who are curious, this is the hero counter of Layla Mobile Legends. Here, Esportsku will provide a row of Layla Mobile Legends hero counters in the Mobile Legends game.

As you know, to defeat a marksman hero is quite easy, to beat him, you only need to use heroes who have fast abilities. For example, hero assassins.

What’s more, Layla is a marksman hero who can be said to have very low mobility, so to defeat this one hero is very, very easy, especially you can use the following Layla Mobile Legends hero counter.

Countering Layla’s hero is quite easy, because with any assassin hero you can beat this hero in Mobile Legends.

But we recommend this hero to beat layla mobile legends based on our playing experience which might be useful for you :


The first hero that you can use as a Layla Mobile Legends counter hero is Ling. Ling’s ability to attack very quickly and is difficult to avoid will make it very easy to defeat Layla.

By using this hero, you can attack Layla by using her first skill to enter the wall, ambush Layla from behind and attack her with a deadly combo skill. With this hero you can beat Layla easily.

This ability allows him to approach the layla’s position in one ambush, you must be able to maximize this advantage to take layla and finish him off with the team.


For marksman heroes, you can beat him with Claude’s hero. Layla arguably does not have very good mobility to avoid an attack. Therefore, it is very mandatory for you to use Claude’s hero.

Claude has excellent abilities in terms of mobility, this one hero can attack his opponent quickly with high burst damage. Layla who is a long-range marsman will be very difficult to dodge.

Layla is a hero who is very weak in mobility to avoid attacks, therefore it is certain that Claude’s hero who has good mobility and high burst damage will be very able to fight Layla.


Hayabusa is the best Layla Mobile Legends Counter Hero that you can use right now. Hayabusa’s ability to ambush opponents is the best of other assassin heroes.

To defeat Layla in a match, you can use a combination of Hayabusa’s attacks from his second skill that gives four shadows, then approach Layla with that skill and attack with the first skill and if the blood is low enough, use ultimate.

With his second skill that can create 4 shadows, Layla will definitely be confused about attacking Hayabusa, not to mention Hayabusa can attack Layla with skill 1 and her ultimate will be very easy to beat Layla with Hayabusa’s skills.


If you take Ultimate Damage / CC or CC Skill 2, then Counter hero Layla is not a problem for Vale. Considering this Hero has a CC Skill which is quite annoying. Of course Vale is very good if you use it for Counter Layla.

The most combo is Skill 2 CC with Ultimate CC, Skill 2 Damage with Ultimate CC or Skill 2 CC and Ultimate Damage are all possible. Damage Vale if it’s late game can finish off Layla without remaining at all.


The ability that Silvanna gives to capture one enemy will make it easier for her to counter Layla’s hero in a match. Moreover, Silvanna’s Passive ability and a high Magic Damage, of course will not keep Layla from being in the trapping circle.

If you see Layla, do an Ultimate Skill and catch her. Then also aim Skill 2 at Layla who is trapped, don’t be afraid because this circle is small the attack will definitely hit. If Layla tries to run away, aim for Skill 1 and if Kena comes forward, use Skill 1 again.

So that’s all for the best Layla Mobile Legends counter hero line that you can use to beat him. Hopefully, the reviews we provide can be useful for those of you who are Mobile Legends players. Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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