5 Heroes for Counter Xavier Mobile Legends (ML)

A hero capable of blocking him in battle. That's why Xavier will be hit by this hero more often, because he doesn't have a great defense from his items either.


Mobile Legends has given a lot of cool prizes which of course you should try to play. Of course, with 5 Heroes for Counter Xavier Mobile Legends (ML), it is indeed very new and easy for us to try. Because by using the Hero Counter, surely Xavier will not be able to always be in the match later. A hero capable of blocking him in battle. That’s why Xavier will be hit by this hero more often, because he doesn’t have a great defense from his items either.

Then with Xavier’s ability which is strong enough, it will help you in the War to face many enemies. No wonder this Hero is quite interesting, because when giving an attack it will give a large CC.


The hero who once annoyed my Esports when using Xavier, because Chou was able to paralyze Xavier’s every move during the match. Even though he had been hit by the CC effect, Chou could easily dodge it using his 2nd Skill.

Then go ahead and attack Xavier with Skill 1 and continue to use Ultimate Skill, if not, the possibility of fighting is still there. But if for example Chou builds a Fighter and has finished in the late game, then we will use it when using Hero Xavier because it will continue to be targeted by him.


Not much different from Saber which will make Xavier immobile, because Ultimate and Skill 1 will increase Damage for him. No wonder this Xavier will become even stronger, even giving something different when you use it in matches.

Xavier is able to be countered easily by Saber, as long as he can lock easily. Given that this Saber is easy to give high damage to Mage and Marksman heroes, then those of us who use Xavier must remain vigilant in dealing with enemies who use this Saber.


A Marksman with very high damage when attacking enemies, Brody is able to make Xavier easily eliminated by him. Because Brody’s ability to do damage to enemies is good, then the opportunity is suitable to fight Xavier.

Especially if this Xavier has been hit by Brody’s Full Stack, then it’s no wonder the damage will be bigger later. Then if Xavier is in his Ultimate range, of course Brody will immediately deal damage to this Xavier.


Mage Fighter named Silvanna is indeed quite strong, even able to kidnap one enemy with Ultimate and defeat him quickly. So, you can also counter Xavier with the Hero, because of his very high ability and magic damage.

Even if Xavier tried to fight Silvanna in his Ultimate, it would be a total waste of time. Because if Silvanna has been hit by Skill 2, it will not be stopped, unless it is affected by CC Stun or Knock Back and Up effects.


Never underestimate Kaja if you already want to kidnap enemy heroes, because his Ultimate Skill becomes very annoying. But it is also possible to counter Xavier’s hero, but Kaja may have to go through many obstacles before he can do something like that.

However, it was not Kaja who would actually finish off Xavier, but his teammates who would do that. Because Kaja can’t be a single killer for Xavier, so he needs the help of a teammate.

After knowing 5 Heroes for Counter Hero Xavier Mobile Legends (ML), you don’t need to be confused when you fight against these heroes. Although Xavier is quite meta and strong, it will not fully provide great power when you meet this counter. Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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