5 Heroes to Counter Melissa Mobile Legends (ML)

As a Marksman hero who brings up the Shield and also the Curse doll, of course Melissa is indeed very difficult for you to fight unless you use the counter.


Mobile Legends has released a lot of good updates which of course we can try to play. Including 5 Hero Counter Melissa Mobile Legends (ML), will help these players to win against her. Considering Hero Melissa is very strong, so we can also know what Counter is like. As a Marksman hero who brings up the Shield and also the Curse doll, of course Melissa is indeed very difficult for you to fight unless you use the counter.

The hero that has just been released into the Mobile Legends game is really cool and strong, even giving it quite overpowering power. Even for Hero Melissa herself, we also have to know immediately that the ability this hero gives is quite deadly.


The first Counter Hero from Melissa is Saber, but you have to be able to predict the right time to attack her first. As much as possible you don’t get caught by Melissa, so we can launch Skill 1 and Ultimate attacks to defeat her.

But if for example it is caught, then Ultimate Saber will not be able to touch Melissa because of the Shield Skill that Melissa gave. Until in this state your ultimate is used but can’t deal damage so it’s very risky.


As a Mage with a very high level of damage, of course Lunox is able to penetrate and do a deadly attack on Melissa. Just remember that this Melissa has a Shield Skill at her Ultimate, but that just keeps the enemy from approaching her doesn’t mean their attack too.

Now in this condition, Lunox can spam Skill 2 in darkness mode to finish off Melissa. That’s very helpful, even if you are hit by his Skill 2 curse, you still have a chance to escape using Ultimate Light mode and attack with the power of darkness.


Huge damage when using Ultimate, Irithel is able to defeat Melissa quickly as a strong Duel Marksman. Of course, with Irithel’s own ability, we have to pay close attention to the enemy, because that includes skill 1 that is hit or not.

When Melissa activates the Shield, you can attack her from the outside with Skill 1 and Ultimate combos. Of course something like this will affect everything clearly, even you will also finish Melissa faster because she can’t get out of the Shield because it’s more dangerous.


Want to counter Melissa, of course Hanzo can be the right choice for this. Whether in Normal or Ultimate Skill 2 Mode, the attack can penetrate Melissa’s Shield even though it will eventually bounce out for a while.

If in normal mode, Hanzo’s Skill 2 removes Thorns from the ground, it will continue to appear if the enemy hits. Then the Ultimate becomes a Shadow and gives a fairly large damage area, that’s why later Hanzo can indeed counter Melissa quite safely.


The fighter who is able to fight Melissa in a reckless way is XBorg, when Melissa’s Shield is Active we can still deal Damage from Skill 1. Then the Skill that will collect XBorg Passive to Heal, even Ultimate which can give high damage to the enemy.

Melissa can indeed make Xborg die, but if it is already built, XBorg can still last quite a long time. Even with this ability, XBorg could continue to deal a high amount of additional damage to his opponent, even Melissa in the Shield.

After knowing 5 Hero Counter Melissa Mobile Legends (ML), you don’t need to be confused anymore when facing Melissa’s hero now. Because using several Counter heroes that are quite powerful, will make Melissa helpless and will become weaker when she meets us. Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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