5 Interesting Facts about Hero Cecilion Mobile Legends (ML)

Let you get to know the hero better. Because by giving the ability to give a good attack, and getting to know a very strong ability to compete later.


Mobile Legends has released a lot of the latest updates that are very cool for you to play. Even by looking at 5 Interesting Facts about Hero Cecilion Mobile Legends (ML), you will get to know the hero in the game later. Even a few points from here, shows a power that can’t be defeated just like that. Let you get to know the hero better. Because by giving the ability to give a good attack, and getting to know a very strong ability to compete later.

The hero that appears in a Mobile Legends game update, of course, gives a lot of pretty good impressions. So you yourself will definitely be excited, and it is impossible to miss this opportunity right now.

Having a Spouse with Carmilla

Ceciliion is a Vampire who is present in the Land of Dawn, even having a Partner with Carmilla right now. Of course, from the explanation of the Carmilla Mobile Legends story, it is clear that Cecilion is a very close person.

Even when Carmilla decides to end her Life, Cecilion comes to resurrect her again. Now the two of them were a life-and-death couple, even from the story it was clear that Carmilla had become part of the Cecilion Race.

Similar Like Aldous

Esportsku can say that Cecilion is Aldous but the Mage Version, relies on the ability to collect Stacks. Of course, with the increase in the stack, it will make us give a very high total damage.

Using Skill 1 will give a big attack, even making Marksman get 1 attack is enough. If Aldous Fighter has to be close in order to hit, if Cecilion needs to keep his distance so his Skill 1 can be hit.

Big Mana Boost

This is still an influence on his Skill 1 part, if it often hits the opponent, his Mana will increase. The more often you attack the enemy, the Skill will change its Icon Color indicating it becomes stronger.

But remember this increase can have a big impact, because Mana can increase to more than 1 million. If your attacks are always hit then it doesn’t matter, but when you get hit often and start not getting hit, it’s certain that your Mana will run out immediately.

Anti Athena Shield

Why does Esportsku say this? because Athena Shield is a Build Item that cannot withstand Cecilion’s damage. Very clearly seen, even with abilities that deal quite a lot of damage.

Especially if you use the Best Build of Hero Cecilion in Mobile Legends, because this will have a huge impact. You will of course make you more prepared, you don’t even need to be afraid of opponents who use these items.

Most Couple Skins

Cecilion has the Most Mobile Legends Couple Skins in this game. In fact, it is very clear, because it is very clear in the Hero Skin. The couple is definitely Carmilla, as a very cool couple.

Even for Cecilion and Carmilla, they already have 4 Skin Couples with different types. There’s even a special one with the Valentina Theme, it’s just that Elite, Normal, Special and Epic can also be a Couple for both.

After knowing 5 Interesting Facts about Hero Cecilion in Mobile Legends (ML), you won’t be confused anymore with these facts. Because the ability of Hero Cecilion who has some facts like this, will be something very interesting. Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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