5 Items for Counter Saber Mobile Legends (ML)

But take it easy because there are several counter items that you can use. These items can help you when fighting Saber both defensively and offensively later.


Currently, Saber is not a popular hero at a high rank, but he can be said to be the most consistent assassin at the moment. Don’t worry, there is a Saber Mobile Legends (ML) counter item that you can use against it. But take it easy because there are several counter items that you can use. These items can help you when fighting Saber both defensively and offensively later.

Saber has very high single target damage and is probably the most effective in the game. As long as the opponent is not a tank, Saber should be able to easily kill them thanks to the high damage.

He even in the early game usually already has high damage which will be difficult to survive from the Saber combo which has terrible damage.

Saber has very high damage thanks to his skillset. One of the best single target damage heroes right now, but Saber’s weakness is in teamfights. He will be difficult to sweep the opponent because the damage is falling.

Now for those who can’t wait, just check below for items that you can use when countering Saber. You can counter yourself with some of the Saber Mobile Legends (ML) counter items below :

Blade Of Heptaseas

+250 Health Points
+70 Physical Attack
+15 Physical PEN
Unique Passive
Ambush: If no damage is taken or dealt within 5s, the nect Basic Attack will deal extra Physical Damage equal to 240 plus 60% Physical Attack.


When fighting Saber, usually you can burst him first if the opponent’s Saber hasn’t started a combo yet. Effective because Saber itself is very weak and easy to kill.

Heptaseas can be a profitable item for you, especially in the early game where this item has very high damage. As the first item, you can use Hepta to hunt Saber, effective as a counter item for Saber Mobile Legends (ML).

Wind Of Nature

+30 Physical Attack
+20% Attack Speed
+10% Physical Lifesteal
Unique Passive
Active: Wind Chant: Immune to all Physical Damage. Last 2s. (Duration becomes half when used by non-marksmen). CD 70s.


Wind of Nature is actually a strong item to fight Saber, but you have to be fast hand. This is because this item can completely avoid the Saber combo which is very important.

But remember that this item is more suitable for marksman heroes because of its longer duration. With fast hands, you can avoid Saber’s ultimate combo completely, suitable as a counter item for Saber Mobile Legends (ML).

Winter Truncheon

+400 Health Points
+25 Physical Defense
+60 Magic Power
Frozen: Freeze upon using. The hero can’t do anything but will be immune to all DMG and debuff. Last 2s, CD 100s


Same with Wind of Nature where you can use this item to avoid combo damage from Saber. It’s just that compared to Wind of Nature, Winter Truncheon is not as good as that item.

This is because both items have to be fast-handed, but Winter Truncheon freezes you which Saber can wait for when you are ganked. Except in team fights, this item is better as a counter item for Saber Mobile Legends (ML).

Twilight Armor

+1200 Health Points
+400 Mana
+20% Crit Damage Reduction
Unique Passive
Defiance: Triggers after taking over 600 Physical Damage, to reduce Physical Damage taken by 20%, dealing True Damage equal to 20 + 4% of the hero’s Max HP to nearby enemies every second. Lasts for 3s. Has a 6s Cooldown


Now, for those of you who are a bit troubled against Saber, you can also use Twilight Armor. This item is relatively strong because the stats offered are quite high and you can also use this item against other heroes, not only for Saber Mobile Legends (ML) counter items.

This item can be useful because Twilight Armor is indeed the most effective anti-burst defense item. When used against Saber it will also be very effective and is suitable for you to carry.

Antique Cuirass

+900 Health Points
+30 Health Regeneration
+60 Physical Defense
Unique Passive
Deter: When enemy heroes attack, reduce their Physical ATK and Magic Power by 5%. Last 2s. Stacks up to 4 times.


Now for heroes who are rather thick, you can also buy Antique Cuirass which is relatively effective when used against Saber. This item is very suitable because it offers very thick armor.

Saber as a physical hero at least you can fight with this item which can be useful. This item can also get an effective stack when Saber attacks considering that the hero has a lot of multi hits.

Now that’s the Saber Mobile Legends (ML) counter item that you can use when playing against Saber. You should avoid the burst damage because it can crush your opponent very quickly.

It’s not easy, especially against Saber who is very good and understands the position. Don’t often go solo when Saber disappears from the map because he is very strong when doing solo kills. Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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