5 New Counter Build Mobile Legends Items! (ML)

Here we will provide the 5 best items as ML counter items that you can use in Mobile Legends.


Counter build is a condition where you will deviate slightly from your usual build items to adapt to mobile legends games. Usually counter builds are aimed at heroes who are a little annoying, so you set your items so that you benefit. With Item Counter Build Mobile Legends (ML) the game will be easier. Here we will provide the 5 best items as ML counter items that you can use in Mobile Legends.

Some strong heroes in Mobile Legends certainly have counters that can be used. With the weakness of this mobile legends role, you can fight them using complete items. This is so that you have an advantage.


Often you will fight lifesteal or heal heroes who are very troublesome and popular in this meta like Uranus and Alucard. These heroes are very dependent on their heal and lifesteal which makes them difficult to kill. If you are a physical hero, this item will be very useful to use.

Usually the hero who uses this item is a marksman hero, considering they will attack the enemy very quickly. However, it’s a good idea for you to use a very easy hero to attack many enemies, so you can give this effect to all of them.


Just like Deadly Blade, Durance will also counter strong heal and lifesteal heroes. But the difference is this item is aimed at magic heroes. The stats of this item that favor magic heroes, especially magic burn, can provide effective anti-healing debuffs.

This item is very important to use for hero support, especially support that has poke damage. By continuing to attack the enemy using skills, you can help the team to reduce the heal of the enemy. One of the mandatory items for the hero rafaela, because the skill can hit many enemies easily.


if you are a single target hero who usually struggles against many opponents, of course this item will be useful for you. In addition to providing good ASPD and crit stats, Windtalker will provide additional passive for your attacks.

If you are stuck fighting many enemies at once, or you could say outnumber. You can use this item to attack multiple enemies at once. This item is very suitable for mm, with its attack speed.

Anti Magic Sustain – Radiant Armor

Radiant armor is very strong against magic heroes who can deal continuous damage. This is thanks to the effect of the Radiant Armor itself which really supports this. For tankers, you must use it.

Anti Magic Balance – Oracle

Oracle is a very powerful item with a passive effect. For some lifesteal, heal, and shield heroes they often use this item. Especially against magic heroes which can get stronger.

Those are some of the best items that you can use as counter builds in Mobile Legends. Must be considered when you focus on fighting and defeating several heroes to counter them.

Reasons to Understand Counter

There are many reasons that can benefit you if you can counter the enemy well. Some enemies have skills that can make themselves strong, and make it difficult for you to attack enemies. Therefore, it’s a good idea for you to use a counter to attack back. There are many ways you can do to counter the enemy.


You can counter the enemy with the hero you are using. For example, your enemy uses a strong CC skill to attack. You can use anti cc heroes to fend off enemy attacks. One of the heroes who has anti cc skills is Diggie. The hero has a very strong anti cc skill in the game. He can eliminate cc and make his team immune to cc.

By using existing heroes, you can attack enemies easily. Of course, this is usually more effective when playing rank in the upper tier, because you know the enemy uses any heroes in the ranked draft pick.


Countering the enemy by using items is an effective way of attacking the enemy as well. You can use certain items to attack enemies, and make them weak against your attacks. Suppose the enemy has a strong life steal, you can use anti-heal items. If the enemy has strong armor, you can use the armor pen item.

This may lead to more flexible build items. How do you adjust your build items, with the enemies you will fight. If you find it difficult to defeat the enemy, you must first find out how to fight back, then use the right items to defeat him.

You play as a team, and each role has its own task. It don’t need to use all counter items to attack enemies at the expense of your item slots. You can ask your friends for help, buy items to counter existing enemies. Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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