5 Specification Tommy Gun PUBG Mobile, Best SMG!

Of course, this is discussed to find out how the details of Tommy Gun finally got up from his downturn? Check out the explanation below!


Tommy Gun is a weapon in PUBG Mobile that initially did not get much attention from players. But after PUBG Mobile gave it an attachment slot in the form of a slot for Scope, that’s where a turning point occurred for Tommy Gun.

The specifications of Tommy Gun have become a topic of conversation among PUBG mobile players themselves.


5 Specifications for Tommy Gun PUBG Mobile, the Best SMG!


Hit Damage

Damage is the thing that most players consider to determine whether they will use these weapons or not. Usually, PUBG Mobile players like weapons with big damage.

Tommy Gun has a Hit Damage of 40 points, which is a pretty good number for an SMG weapon.


Type and Number of Magazine Bullets

This weapon uses white bullets or commonly known as 45 ACP bullets. Tommy Gun has a capacity in its magazine of 30 bullets, and becomes 50 bullets when you use Extended Magazine.


Shoot Duration and Speed ​​between Bullets

The duration of the shoot is the time it takes for a weapon to spend a bullet in its magazine. Tommy Gun has a duration of 3,450 seconds. Meanwhile, the velocity between the bullets from the Tommy Gun is 0.086 seconds.


Shoot Mode

Tommy Gun has two firing modes, namely Single Fire and Full Auto. Single Fire means that only one bullet comes out when you press the shoot button, if you want more than one bullet then you can tap repeatedly.

Full Auto means that when you press the shoot button, the weapon will continue to fire the bullet quickly. You only need to press it once, no need to tap repeatedly like in Single Fire mode.


Body Damage (10 Meter)

If you shoot an enemy who is not wearing a Vest with Tommy Gun, then the Body Damage received by the enemy is 40 points. Furthermore, if the enemy uses level 1 Vest, then Body Damage becomes 28 points.

The greater the level of the Vest used, the stronger the Vest will withstand bullets so that the damage given by bullets will certainly decrease. When the enemy uses level 2 Vest, Body Damage taken becomes 24 points.

Finally, Tommy Gun can only deal 18 points of Body Damage if the enemy he shoots uses a level 3 Vest.


Based on our explanation above, hopefully this article can help you understand how the specifications of one of the SMG PUBG Mobile weapons, namely the Tommy Gun. Thank You!