5 Strongest Damage Over Time Heroes in Mobile Legends (ML)

It has been compiled by esportsku so that you can read it more easily. With this hero, the enemy will be exposed to continuous damage from the skill.


Damage over time or often abbreviated as DoT is a type of damage that is quite different in general. Usually in Mobile Legends the most popular damage is burst and constant DPS. Burst which can deal high damage very quickly and DPS which provides constant stable damage is different from DoT. It has been compiled by esportsku so that you can read it more easily. With this hero, the enemy will be exposed to continuous damage from the skill.

DoT is a type of mobile legends damage role that can inflict less damage than others, but their damage in the long game can be the highest type of damage because the enemy’s HP will continuously drain heavily. Even some DoT damage consumes % HP of the enemy which doesn’t take long for the tanker to melt slowly.

Here we will give some of the best heroes in dealing DoT damage or Damage over Time. Almost a must pick because they are very strong in teamfights or battles that will take a long time.

DoT heroes are indeed very strong in dealing continuous damage. Here’s a list of heroes who have a strong DoT :


Thamuz is a fighter hero who depends on his damage skills. With all skills that have low damage and cooldown, Thamuz can deal continuous damage without stopping. Plus, Thamuz has DoT burn damage in all of his skills that burn enemies. Very strong in 1v1 and against sustain heroes thanks to his skillset.


Baxia is a tanker hero who has high damage thanks to his spam skills. But her main attraction is not that. Baxia can turn into a wheel and roll while burning enemies with the fire he leaves behind during his move. This burning effect is no joke because it will continue to burn enemies until the duration runs out.


Valir is a hero mage who has a lot of damage in his skillset. Burst, DPS and of course DoT are owned by Valir. No kidding because Valir’s DoT damage consumes % of enemy HP. This makes Valir one of the most powerful anti-tank mages because it deals unreasonably high damage.


Hylos is a tanker whose skillset is quite odd. He has stun, DoT area, and also a buff. As a tanker Hylos is more suitable to be used as a harasser and initiator thanks to his skills. The DoT of Hylos’ S2 is also not so bad because the longer the enemy is affected, the higher the damage and also the debuff effect of Hylos as well. Effectively used when many enemies are gathered.


X-Borg is a fighter you can’t take for granted. The reason is quite simple, X-Borg has a deadly burn skill because it provides high damage in the form of physical and pure damage in other skills that have a wide range area. DoT from this hero is also not kidding because of good scaling with X-Borg’s build items.

Those are some of the best DoT or Damage over Time heroes in Mobile Legends. Using these heroes is perfect if you like to play as a harasser or also as an effective anti-tank Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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