5 Tips Playing Alistar LOL Mobile Wild Rift, Ideal Tanker

roughly alistar is the best choice for beginners who want to practice using support. is easy to use and also a pretty strong skillset.


Tips for playing Alistar Wild Rift. As a CC tanker, Alistar is a champion that you cannot underestimate. Alistar is also terrible in teamfight because of his CC which is all area. Alistar is already sustained thanks to his passivity, and does not forget to have the damage reduction of his ult as well .

Roughly speaking, Alistar is your best choice for beginners who want to practice using support. Is easy to use and also a pretty strong skillset. Alistar can create many opportunities for kills, very suitable for aggressive players, especially when combined with the right ADC.

For those of you who are still confused about how to play Alistar, we will provide a few tips for you here. The most important thing is that you can understand the basics of playing tanks, later playing Alistar will be easier. Moreover, he is quite tricky to use his skillset.

Here, let’s discuss tips for playing Alistar Wild Rift. Very strong and consistent, Alistar is one of the best support tankers that you can use right now. In Wild Rift, he is underrated because not many people use it, even though his potential is quite high.


Pay attention to your passive bar

Alistar’s passive is very valuable during the phase. This is makes it very sustainable and can become a strong support thanks to it’s heal. Even though the CD of this skill is relatively slow, you can adjust your CD if you pay attention to your bars. Also use CC skills to reduce passive CD.


Protect your ADC

Alistar has one main task in phase, always protect the ADC! It is very helpful for him to remember that Alistar has CC which is very useful for guarding ADC and also he can push opponents who get closer to your ADC. Alistar is strong at keeping his distance and turning himself into a wall.


Alistar is quite sustainable, don’t be afraid

When playing as Alistar. you do not hesitate and fear. The reason is because Alistar is a very sustainable and thick champion. This is helped thanks to its passive heal and ulti which can make it very thick. If you are playing in doubt, Alistar will be very easy to kite later.


Use his skillset to stun lock

Alistar is the champion tank CC. But you have to remember, it’s not easy to use the skill to its full potential. What you have to remember is that all your skills can provide CC. You have to be smart about when to use skills so you can give stun locks to your opponent.


Skill 2 is great for setups

What you have to pay attention to from Alistar’s skillset is his 2 skills. Alistar can push his opponent quite far and this is a bit difficult to use effectively. The most important thing is that you can push the enemy closer to your ADC. You can also use combos like Lee Sin where you use flicker then S2.


Those are some tips for playing Alistar Wild Rift that might help you play even better. He is very strong when played properly. The potential is high and it is also terrible in the game.


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