5 Tips Playing Twisted Fate LOL Mobile Wild Rift

Twisted Fate may seem difficult at first, but it's not. He is an easy champion if you understand his mechanism and this 5 tips playing twisted fate.


Tips for playing Twisted Fate Wild Rift. Of the many mid laners, you could say Twisted Fate is the most exciting champion. He has a variety of builds and also a skillset that allows you to actively watch the screen. With the cards he has, Twisted Fate can have many deadly effects.

At first Twisted Fate may seem difficult, but it’s not. He is an easy champion if you understand his mechanism. Understand the cards that are owned and also passive that can increase GPM, Twisted Fate can be your favorite champion for sure.

Unfortunately, Twisted Fate is not popular for many reasons. First, you don’t have good mobility, the damage is not high enough, and the skills are not consistent. But for some people, Twisted Fat is a fun champion. Playing himself will not get bored quickly!

Here, let’s discuss tips for playing Twisted Fate Wild Rift. Twisted Fate is a mage which interestingly can be played as ADC or APC. More often played as a mid laner, he is a poker and lane bully who is very consistent and strong.


Pay attention to the effect of skill card 2

Twisted Fate is a unique champion, his 2 skills will be different depending on what card is issued later. If you are still confused, we will provide tips on the card.


Blue car

Blue is a card that is very suitable for poke and also last hit. This card has the same basic effect as any other card. The difference is which one is used will come back later.


Red card

AoE splash damage will come out if you use this card. Red card is more suitable for AoE damage creep clear. In team fight it’s not so bad, but more often to clear the lane.


Yellow card

This card is probably the one you will use the most. Yellow cards will have a stun effect if used, very suitable for ranking and poke because they can be combined with others.


Don’t miss the last hit

This is very important, when playing as Twisted Fate don’t miss it. The reason is because Twisted Fate’s passive skill can give you a gold bonus every last hit, either minion or champion. So the key to get rich quick is the last hit without stopping.


Use ulti to teleport quickly and open the map

Twisted Fate Ulti is very fatal for you to master. This skill can make Twisted Fate open all maps and all locations of the opponent, not only that, because Twisted Fate can teleport to the reached area. This skill is suitable for opening information and opening ganks.


Can farm harass

Remember TF’s passive which can give you a gold bonus? Your 3rd skill is like that, only more broken. When skill 3 is active, TF will increase its ASPD very high and also every hit the opposing champion will receive gold.


Poke skill 1 when disturbing

Poke from skill 1 TF is very annoying. He can throw cards that deal damage. This is very strong during the ranking and also the laning phase. It’s annoying because the poke has a long range.

Those are some of the Twisted Fate Wild Rift tips that you can use and master. Even though it is not strong enough, TF can still be the mainstay champion of many people if they understand its potential.


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