5 Tips to Easily Obtain Supply Drop Free Fire

Here we have some tips to effortlessly obtain a supply drop in Free Fire. By the time you find one, you can follow these tips for you to obtain it, both passively or actively.


Free Fire is a battle royale shooting game. This game is quite popular in Indonesia and has a lot of players worldwide. There are many weapons that you can use in the game, and every weapons and characters combination will have different results regarding the playing style of the player. In Free Fire, you will also have some upgrades like character skills and pet skills.

When you look for a weapon in Free Fire, you can find it in various places like houses, dead bodies, streets, and if you’re lucky, you’ll manage to find supply drop that will give you rare weapon. By finding this weapon, you will have the advantage over your opponent in the match.

As you know it, supply drop can be hard to find. Once you find it, there are chances that it’s located in an open wide area, where others can easily spot it too. Because the value inside the box, most players are willing to fight for the supply drop. There are several ways to obtain one.

And here’s some strategies for you to obtain the supply drop, and gain advantage from the others.

  1. Grab ’em Fast

Since supply drops is like a treasure in the area, you need to obtain it fast. You can either ride a vehicle or run straight towards the supply drop. Beware though, since this strategy is kinda risky to do, but once you obtain it, you will surely have better chance to win.

2. Wait and Ambush

You can also play passively regarding the supply drop. You can wait in a strategic position, and wait for someone to grab the supply drop. Once someone tries to obtain it, you can ambush them and therefore you’ll get even more stuff to loot. However, if your ambush is late, the enemy will have advantage over you because they will have the better weapon.

3. Blow the Supply

It’s almost identical to number 2. You can try obtaining what’s inside of the supply drop, and afterwards, you can plant landmine around the supply drop, to set up a trap for the incoming enemy. This strategy is less effective than the others, but once it works, it will result in high damage and it will surely mess up your enemy.

4. Ride a Vehicle

If you want to obtain it the striking way, you can ride a vehicle towards the supply drop and obtain it fast and safe.

5. Use Your Gloo Wall

You can use a Gloo Wall to cover the supply drop just in case you don’t have any vehicle to ride into. Gloo Wall cannot be destroyed no matter how much you enemy shoots at it.

And that’s how you obtain a supply drop. You can choose those strategies later in the game, and see if it works. See ya!