5 Tips To Open Team Fight LOL Mobile Wild Rift

Opening teamfight is not easy. There are several considerations that you must think about when you want to get started . you have to know this tips to play.


Certainly it is very important to open team fight properly. Even if you are lagging behind in terms of progress, by opening the right team fight you can win! Therefore, it is very important for you to understand the tips for opening team fights at LoL Mobile Wild Rift.

Opening team fight is not easy. There are several considerations that you must think about when you want to get started. It’s quite fatal if it’s wrong because you can make your team lose if it’s not right. Therefore understand so that later you can open team fight smoothly.

Even if you don’t need these tips, for example, you are an ADC player, it is still important. Because this can be useful if you have to enter as a follow up. So keep reading about these tips below;

  • Use the correct champion
  • Pay attention to position
  • Don’t come from the location
  • Need the right timing
  • Make sure there is a follow up

Here, let’s discuss tips on opening team fights in Wild Rift that might be of use to you. Of course there must be the right moment when you want to start a fight and also make sure if you are a team all ready

Use the correct champion

Before you read on, always make sure you are using the right champion. Not all champions can open team fight practically and effectively. Some of these opening champions usually have useful AoE or CC skills. Examples are Braum, Orianna, Malphite and others.


Pay attention to position

Position is also important for you to understand because these team fight openers or initiators need a good position. The good thing is that your position can be entered easily and the enemy has difficulty detecting it. Usually opening a good team fight starting from the side or behind, this is because FoW can really help you later.


Don’t originate from the location

Location is also very important because this can affect your team fight later. For example, some champions like Braum and Annie are very strong in playing in tight spaces while some are strong in the open. So if you open team fight, make sure that the location is perfect.


Need the right timing

Timing can also affect your team fight later. Of course, with the right timing, you can benefit greatly. For example, you are patient and waiting when your opponent’s timing is gathering or when your opponent is in the Baron / Dragon pit, with the right timing you can steal objectives and also win a team fight.


Make sure there is a follow up

It’s useless if you open team fight perfectly if there isn’t a follow up when you open it later. Always make sure all your team members are ready to give a follow up to win team fight. Carelessly entering is not enough, it can even make your team lose badly.


Those are some tips for opening team fight in Wild Rift that might be useful for those of you who want to try. Champion initiators are also very strong at the moment thanks to their lack of counters in Wild Rift. Of course you can use it for your benefit later.

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