5 Ways To Choose CS Duo Active Skill Free Fire (FF) Mode


Free Fire has released many new updates that are quite diverse for players to see in the game. Then for the presence of How to Choose the CS Duo Active Skill Free Fire (FF) Mode, you can immediately try the game now. Either in Normal or Rank Mode, feel the excitement of this newest CS Duo Active Skill for us to use now.

With the presence of several recent updates that have appeared in this game, we will find a variety of interesting features that have appeared. All of these things will indeed bring a very good impression in the game, making us even more excited to play the game.

Then there are many choices of Cool FF Names that players can use, for sure later the account will look really cool with this. Making players have the opportunity to become stronger and more popular in the face of existing enemies.

Then for How to Choose CS Duo Active Skill Free Fire (FF) Mode, players can do it easily now too. Of course by taking advantage of this mode, players will try a game that is so exciting than before with CS Duo Active.

How to Choose CS Duo Active Skill Free Fire (FF) Mode

  1. Login Game Free Fire

    You can immediately log in to the Free Fire game first, so you can choose the existing CS Duo Actio Skill game mode. Only then will we soon have the opportunity to be able to immediately play the mode by looking at it from here.

  2. Then Select Want Normal or Rank

    Then decide first to choose to play Normal or Rank Mode, then there will be 2 game options that we can specify. If you want to choose Normal Mode then you can play it immediately, but for Rank you have to reach Gold 3 first.

  3. Check the Double Skill Checklist in Rank

    If you want to experience this in Rank Mode, then you have to first check Double Skill Active which is at the top of the mode. Later you will soon be playing this mode and we can just visit the game.

  4. Choose 2 Active Character Skills

    If you are already logged in, then you can just go ahead and choose which Active Character Skills we want to use. You can use all of them for free, without anything you need to see from the characters you use later.

  5. Enjoy Mode In The Afternoon Time

    This CS Duo Active mode will be available in the afternoon, so players can have the opportunity to play easily. It turns out that it’s really exciting to be an opportunity that makes it easy for us to win this mode later.

The opportunity to play this game mode allows players to try this mode with great excitement. Because indeed there are some things that we will find directly from the Mode when we try it now.

How to Choose CS Duo Active Skill Free Fire (FF) Mode

Then the presence of a new character, Sonia Free Fire , is our chance to get this prize right now. It becomes an opportunity for players to be able to receive each new prize like that and immediately use it in the match later.

After knowing How to Choose the CS Duo Active Skill Free Fire (FF) Mode, you will have the opportunity to win this grand prize. So that way players will have the opportunity to profit immediately to get all the items that have appeared now.

Especially by looking at the various updated characters in Free Fire , it can make it easier for you to play the game. It turns out that it will be so exciting when you try it, there are several skills that can help you compete later.