5 Ways to Get Earthy Facepaint Free Fire (FF)

Free Fire has released lots of new updates that are varied enough for you to try playing now easily. Then there is a way to get Earthy Free Fire (FF) Facepaint, players can take advantage of this.

Especially with Earthy Facepaint, which Free Fire players can use, of course it will be one of the interesting collections.

Especially for some of the game features that have appeared like this, because this will be something good for players to use.

Especially some events that players can play immediately, it will definitely be something interesting for you to play the mission.

So about this we know the cool FF names that have appeared in the game, as a good choice that you can use immediately.

As something different from other players, using an appropriate name like this will be better and feel better.

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Of course, using a good name will make your account have its own impression with the latest style right now.

Getting your own Earthy Free Fire (FF) Facepaint is very easy, you can try it right away to get a prize like this too.

Because you can use this straight away, of course it’s a cool Facepaint with colored effects that lights up every few seconds.

How to Get Earthy Free Fire (FF) Facepaint

Login Game Free Fire

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Players must first log in to the Free Fire game right now, so they can find the Earthy Facepaint prizes that are available.

It is indeed easy to get the Facepaint prize, so with this method of getting it, players can immediately try each step more quickly.

Especially that way, players will get other prizes that might appear together with the Facepaint in the current game.

Choose Shop Fashion Facepaint

Next, you can go to the Shop section right now, then look for the section called Fashion first to find the sales feature like this.

From here, players can find Facepaint prizes as an available option, so you can immediately buy a wide variety of face tattoos.

Later, if we have selected the Facepaint section, all the information will appear in a clearer way to get the prize now very easily.

Buy for 400 Diamonds

Just by spending 400 Diamonds, players can immediately buy the new Earthy Facepaint item which has appeared in this game right now.

Of course, choosing prizes for the female and male characters is quite easy, so you yourself will use these in direct battle.

Because right now players can get the total prize from Facepaint Earthy right away, it’s an opportunity for us to get the prize straight away.

Through Events

From an event, you also have a good opportunity to immediately get the Earthy Facepaint prize quite easily and we can collect it straight away.

Because that way the players will take part in the event, in this way we will also collect various good missions that you can immediately use.

If the event does appear again, players can immediately complete the available missions and challenges, then you can receive the Earthy Facepaint prize.

Vault Entry Prizes

If you have received all the prizes from whatever means, then the player can immediately enter the Vault to use the prizes right now.

Surely this way the players will make good use of this and we can use it in battle to make the characters even cooler.

This appearance really has an effect on your face, it will definitely make a good impression when you use this opportunity quite easily.

The prize, which is an Earthy Facepaint in the Free Fire game now, could be an opportunity for players to immediately collect the prize.

Because for some of the events or other features that are already available, it will be easier for players to take advantage of them all.

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Especially with the newest prizes appearing at an event right now, of course it could be something good for you to use quite well.

Players can also try collecting one of the Best Free Fire Bundles that have appeared, which will be something exciting for us to use.

Moreover, if you use this Bundle to style yourself in battle, of course the effect will be even better when you use it immediately.

Especially some of the Bundle options like this are really suitable, they can help players become even cooler with these things immediately.

Then the presence of How to Get Earthy Free Fire (FF) Facepaint will definitely be something that is very suitable for you to use directly in the game.

Create a character using a Facepaint appearance like this, the natural power of the Free Fire earth will unite and appear in a few seconds from his face.

Now there are many of the Free Fire Character Lists that you can all know about, of course this is something new for you to know now.

The strength of the characters we use is very large, it will definitely help players face enemies quite easily.

Give them a good and strong skill combination, so that in battle you can dominate your opponent without any difficulty at all.