Appearance of Skin Collector Pharsa Empress Phoenix Mobile Legends (ML)

Of course, in Mobile Legends, there are many interesting features that you can enjoy when playing this game. For example, this time we will discuss the Skin Collector Pharsa Empress Phoenix in Mobile Legends (ML). That way, you can see how cool it looks.

There are many other exciting things that you can find in this game through the various latest updates that are of course always present in the game. 

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You can also try various cool skins that are available, especially with the various types in the game, which are really interesting to have. 

Mobile Legends itself offers various interesting updates which you can find in the article, but you can also see the list of all Mobile Legends (MLBB) Collector Skins .

Pharsa, as one of the Mage heroes in MLBB, is famous for having large burst damage and a wide attack area. 

After undergoing a revamp, Pharsa became part of the meta game because of her ability to carry out effective teamfights thanks to her strong area attacks.

Pharsa hero users will definitely be impressed with their appearance when using one of the skins. One of the top tier skins that is very popular is Skin Collector. 

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The Collector skin can be obtained through events such as the Grand Collection and this skin is considered top tier because it has cool effects and appearance when compared to other skins. However, to get this skin, of course you need a lot of diamonds.

This time, we will discuss one of the Collector skins for Pharsa, namely Empress Phoenix. You can see the appearance of this iconic hero with his impressive bird. 

For further details regarding the explanation of what the hero who can change shape into a bird looks like, you can see the article below. Don’t hesitate to find out more!

Appearance of Skin Collector Pharsa Empress Phoenix Mobile Legends (ML)

As can be seen, the appearance of the hero Pharsa this time has a Phoenix theme.

With the change of the hero Pharsa into a Phoenix bird which is described as a fire bird, it is very suitable this time.

As we know, Pharsa’s hero skill also has the ability to change shape into a bird, and this skin is a suitable skin to use.

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This skin also makes the hero look elegant with a combination of bright red and yellow colors so he also looks scary.

Moreover, with the various effects provided, of course you users of the mage hero really want the previously Epic type skin to become Collector this time.

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This skin was also present in the MLBB game itself in August 2020, where it was still at the Epic Showcase event before it turned into the Grand Collection as it is now.

Where you can draw spins in the event, of course the more spins, the more diamonds you can get later.

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Hero Pharsa herself is also a hero who is included in the meta so that this hero can get one of the newest skins with the Collector type.

For those of you who are users of this hero, this Collector skin will definitely be the first Wishlist skin you want to have, this is because it has been explained previously regarding its effects and appearance.

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You players will also be able to get this skin again when taking part in various events or the latest grand collections, because maybe later in the prize pool the Collector Pharsa skin will also be included in the list.

Of course, with this, you players can collect diamonds to get this skin, which of course is a top tier skin that requires lots of diamonds.

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However, it is also not possible to know for sure when you will get it because it is quite random, therefore you can wait for updates or check every new event.

Hero Pharsa herself, as you know, has various types of skins starting from normal, Elite, Special, Epic, Collector to several other limited skins that players can get.

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Let’s just wait and see regarding the latest update for the hero Pharsa and maybe there will be further changes that will occur or not regarding the hero who can change shape into this bird.

With this explanation, you players of the MLBB game this time will also be able to find out what the Collector type skin looks like for the Pharsa hero in the game, of course.

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That’s an explanation of what the Collector Pharsa Empress Phoenix skin looks like this time in the MLBB game so you can find out what this hero looks like.

What do you think about the explanation this time in the article regarding the appearance of the Pharsa hero for this Collector skin type?