5 Worst Heroes for Ultimate Yin Mobile Legends (ML)

You as much as possible to avoid this. Because the Hero that you kidnapped into the Ultimate Arena, it will definitely be something quite wrong and dangerous.


Mobile Legends has released a lot of good heroes which of course you can use. But there are also 10 Worst Heroes for Ultimate Yin Mobile Legends (ML), making them ineffective in battle. Because by kidnapping one from here, his abilities will be less good. You as much as possible to avoid this. Because the Hero that you kidnapped into the Ultimate Arena, it will definitely be something quite wrong and dangerous.

Especially for the potential of Hero Yin in the Mobile Legends game, of course it becomes something very good and very cool. Having a very strong power, you won’t even be able to miss it, fight enemies without hesitation and will immediately punch them.


If you use Yin and want to find Death, you can immediately take Fanny into her Ultimate. My experience from Esports using Hero Yin, accidentally entering Fanny into Ultimate, it turns out that it really affects the state of you competing.

Because every side that Yin has in her Ultimate is counted as a Wall, so it’s not surprising that Fanny is free. Moreover, in that state, his condition made it easy for him to freestyle and attack Yin very easily.

Anyway, don’t do things like this, because it’s quite dangerous for something like that. Make sure to focus and lock the big hero, if there is Fanny, it’s better not to be reckless, especially if the one you are fighting is already a pro.


This hero has the Immunity Skill which will stun the enemy back, of course Yin will be in great danger too. Of course, Bendetta will also find it easier to attack Yin, so the hero when he is in Ultimate will have a hard time later.

Even Benedetta herself had a chance to deliver a lethal attack, as the space itself was tight. Yin would not have another chance to escape, if, for example, Benedetta had succeeded in using her Ultimate.

That’s why Yin can’t bring Benedetta into her Ultimate, because you’re the one who will be hit by a more deadly attack.


If Melissa’s Hero user has a chance to use Ultimate, because Yin won’t be able to approach Melissa if it’s like that. I’ve also experienced Esports in matches, but not when I used Yin but Melissa.

Yin enemy kidnapped Melissa, but if in a situation we could use Ultimate Skill to be able to counter it. Because knowing Melissa’s Ultimate Hero Skill can indeed counter melee heroes like Fighter, of course it also affects Yin.

When Yin puts you into Ultimate, immediately use Ultimate, so that Yin fails to give Skill 2 that Stuns. But if Yin uses Skill 1, try to escape from Area Skill 1 so that he can give very easy damage to your opponent.


Hero Fredrinn’s ability is indeed quite strong, even being a Tank Fighter is indeed quite helpful. So that later Fredrinn’s hero will counterattack Yin when bringing him in a Domain. When the Yin Stun Effect is gone, we can use Ultimate Skill 3 to stop the Yin Blow for a while.

That would be quite a bad thing for Yin, as it would be instantly slaughtered quite easily. Especially if you are smart in pairing Combo Skills too, of course Fredrinn will be the wrong hero if Yin brings him into his ultimate Skill Domain.

The more Fredrinn takes damage, the higher his attack and lifesteal will be. It doesn’t matter whether it’s build damage or tankers when you compete.


Although Belerick may be carried into Ultimate Yin, then this will be the fault of the Yin hero later. Because with Belerick’s own passive attack, it is quite strong, even if it takes damage, the counter attack will be even greater. So that Ultimate Yin’s ability should not be mistaken for carrying a Hero, because this is indeed a danger.

Yin if you have used Skill 1 with successive measurements, surely the damage will continue to enter and be more deadly. So that those of us who use Yin will become increasingly weak and weak, bringing Belerick in facing the enemy in his ultimate easily later.

Of course with the 5 Worst Heroes for Ultimate Yin Mobile Legends (ML), you will make you even stronger. Because with Yin abilities that can make you even more in danger, just avoid taking them into Ultimate for no reason. Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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