6 Complete and Updated Mobile Legends Role (ML)

The roles in Mobile Legends are indeed the most basic and are listed by Esportsku so that they are easy to read.


This time there are various kinds of complete Mobile Legends roles and ML updates that you should know. By knowing the various roles of mobile legends, you can put yourself in your skills when playing this mobile legend. The roles in Mobile Legends are indeed the most basic and are listed by Esportsku so that they are easy to read.

In this discussion, we will discuss what roles are in the Mobile Legends game.

When playing Mobile Legends, you are given 6 different types of hero roles. There are tanks, fighters, mage, assassins, marksman, and support. This type of mobile legends role has different advantages and disadvantages

These types of roles have their respective functions and uses in every match in the mobile legends (ML) game.

1. Role Tank

For us, we will first discuss the Mobile Legends Tank Role. Tanks have a very important role in this game’s battle. Because tanks are the commando of this game where their most important task is to cover the core (the attacking hero of the team).

And don’t forget the task that is not less important, namely the open map (opening the view of the small map that is above the screen to the left of the corner so that the cores can find out the opponent’s Hero to avoid an ambush on the Hero’s core team.

Complete Mobile Legends Role Tanks are also required to make every initiation in command. This is for attacking or withdrawing from the fight. This is because if the tank has given notice to attack.

Then the core team must be ready to provide the enemy line of defense to kill the enemy core Hero. When the tank is no longer strong enough to cover the core. So that the hero mobile legends Core team must also be ready to withdraw from team battles.

There are two tank roles. Namely the initiator tank and the support tank

The initiator tank is a tank that always opens wars or battles and opens maps. Usually this tank always covers the cores in the mid line.

Meanwhile, the support tank is a tank that is used to help control the battle to dive towards the enemy core along with the core team. It is usually this support tank on the side line along with a maxman or assassin.

2. Role Assasins

Gamers friends are definitely no stranger to this role, this role is a role coveted by Mobile Lehend gamers. Why is it coveted? Because the role of the mobile legends update has a role to kill enemy cores in the back line. With that, this Mobile Legends Role definitely has a good KDA (Kill Death Assist) compared to other roles. Therefore, many new users of this game are using this role.

But do you know about the role assassin’s role and function?

Assassin is an important type of role in the Mobile Legend game. Because the Assassin is a typical Hero who can provide enemy defense and kill quickly to the enemy core. This role is intended for gamers who are observant of the situation and always look at the small map available to find out which line of enemy parts to attack. Besides that, which enemy cores must be killed to stop the movement of the enemy.

In this dirole, the user is required to be alert with all conditions and conditions in the fight or ambush that will be carried out. And Players are required to have initiation too if they have their own calculations and are confident that they can kill enemy cores even if the tank pulls back. Because every proper kill from an assassin can affect this match to be easier and faster.

And when in the game play, Role Mobile Legends, don’t be too busy for farming because their task is very heavy at the beginning of the match. Because if the assassin Hero loses in the early minutes of the match, make sure this match becomes more difficult and takes longer to win.

3. The God of Death is the Role Marksman

Why do I give this nickname? Because this Mobile Legends Role is a Mobile Legends Role that will determine whether this game will enter the early game, mid game, or late game? This is because the Hero Role Mobile Legends Maksman has extraordinary damage compared to heroes with other Mobile Legends Role.

Maksman is a hero who is identical with his extraordinary demage. This role can destroy enemy tanks alone, because they have very large damage and attack speed. Therefore the role of this role is very important to determine who will win sooner or later.

Usually, this Role of Mobile Legends Maksman hero really needs items to make themselves stronger and faster in initiating attacks and ambushes or commonly known as ganking.

In conditions that have begun to excel. It is hoped that the Role Maksman user will respond to his team’s movements when they are going to do genking due to the large demage and attack speed that is needed when genking opponents.

And the most important thing in using this role is the right positioning that the Hero core cannot reach from the enemy.

This caused a breakdown in the concentration of enemy tanks that had to guard their back line. So that their cores were not kidnapped. And remember to avoid continuous wars’ if you are at a loss for gold, focus on the farm first and ask the tank for help to cover you while farming.

4. The God of Helper, namely the Mobile Legends Support Role

What gamers friends do you have in mind about heroes with role support? Useless hero? Not important? Or others with negative questions?

Okay, gamers friends are actually Hero with Role Support that is no less important than other roles. Although many have the view that this role only covers the core Hero who is in the team. Besides that, it does not have a big or significant impact on the team. This is because there is no burst demage that you have. Role support also has a thin HP (Health Point) to be categorized as support for the role of Assassin and Marksman.

Waaahhh… Don’t get me wrong, gamers friends first. Although many say that the impact that will be given by Role Support is very small for the team. but if the mechanics and knowledge of the basics have Role Support players.

The existence of a support hero in the middle of the team is actually important for maintaining the balance of the team. For example, with skill heal, hero support is the right combo for fighter heroes who are always on the front lines. Or also hero support skills that can hold enemy heroes from moving. This will be the right combo for other heroes who have the ultimate skill with deadly damage that is fully exposed to the silent enemy hero ..

This can make the game in each of these matches very difficult because they can become heroes that are really needed for fighters at close range. With one example giving heal to the entire team so that it can make the enemy think twice about attacking your team.

This is a small task and the impact that will arise if you all use this role.

5. Hero Core Role Fighter ML

Role Fighter is a type of melee hero in the Mobile Legends (ML) game and generally has high defense and attack

Do you know that the Mobile Legends fighter role is the most important key for this game?

Why is that so important? How important is that? And what is the task?

Yapss … Role Mobile Legends Fighter is a role that is highly recommended in every match play game because this role holds a very strong key line.

Because Hero role fighters always get an offliner line or commonly called a solo line. Therefore patience and mechanic knowledge of the Hero Role Mobile Legends fighter is needed.

And it takes patience and thoroughness and proper ingsting to do this Hero Role in Mobile Legends. Not only in the allotment of holding the line, but as much as possible the Hero Role Mobile Legendsfighter interferes with the farming initiation. Of course that will be carried out by the opponent’s core Hero.

As well as the Hero Role Mobile Legends fighter is also expected to open the war because it has a HP (Health Point ‘). It is quite thick or a lot because this role is also expected to be able to initiate war first if you are sure that the team will excel in terms of positioning.

6. The Ganking Controller is the Role Mage

Role Mage is a role that has a fairly high level of difficulty where the tasks and functions are very influential in bringing the team to victor. In the early game so that the core team can freely do farming.

The following is the task of a Role Mage user, which is to become a hero killer who kills enemies instantly using his burst demage skills. This task is usually carried out by the Role Mage in the mid line. This is what usually does genking to the enemy line on the side line.

It is very important that the Role Mage hero who is in the mid must have sensitivity to small maps because it really helps you for the mid linner to find out and help your team who is being genking by the enemy.

And he needs a mechanic and a mature calculation for those of you who will do genking so that you don’t get hooked with counter skills. This is what you will receive later if you are the mid line who miscalculate.

Role Mage 2021 As Core Team

And there is also the Role Mage mobile legends update which functions as a protector for the core team. Such as protecting the marksman team from enemy ganking. You can control the war at the same time. Like if the team has started a war, the Role Mage must be sensitive to the map and be ready to help the team.

And also if the core team such as assassin and marksman is unable to continue the war. The Role Mage can also protect them by spamming their skills to slow down or delay the enemy to pursue the core team.

Don’t get me wrong in the game play hero mage also needs a farm, you know? why do you have to farm? They say you have a large burst damage? This is because if the mage hero does not participate in the farm and loses the amount of gold from the opposing tank. Mimin will guarantee that the initial demage can destroy later.

If the tank already has an Athena Shield item, the resulting burst damage will be small and even sick or big. Therefore it is required to participate in the farm. While there is an opportunity to farm so that it can be bigger in order to open up more wins in the match.

6 Complete and Updated Mobile Legends Role (ML)

So, according to Mimin, it is very important to have this role, if gamers friends don’t use this hero role. Mimin estimates that the game play that you will play will be somewhat more difficult because there are no heroes who control the ganking on your team.

How, with the many choices of roles in Mobile Legends, there might be roles that interest you. You might be able to prioritize these roles or the term playing.

Those are some of the most complete mobile legends roles that you should know. So that you don’t play wrong and always win your matches. ML players must understand the basic role of this mobile legends update. Come on, be the best in the land of dawn.  Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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