6 Mobile Legends Hero (ML) that resemble Anime characters 2020


As we know, Mobile Legends has tons of different heroes. From the role of mobile legends tanks to all-inclusive assassins in this game.

You need to know that the hero in this game turned out to be a lot of design similar to anime characters. What are some other heroes like anime characters?

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Hero Mobile Legends similar to Anime characters

This time the heroes of Mobile Legends are similar to anime characters. Anybody here like anime ? If you are curious enough, let’s immediately see this review below!

Layla similar to Mato Kuroi (Black Rock Shooter)

Hero Layla is one of mobile legends hero who role a marksman type whose existence has existed since the beginning of this game. You need to know that Layla has a resemblance to Mato Kuroi’s character in the anime Black Rock Shooter.

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The resemblance was seen in the blue specter skin that Layla had. In terms of appearance and weapons used both heroes look very similar.

Kagura similar to Kagura (Gintama)

The Kagura hero who role as a Mage, has a similar appearance to Kagura in the Guntama anime. Both of these characters use umbrellas as their weapons.

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Not only in terms of similar appearance, in terms of its name is also very similar that the two characters are equally using the name Kagura.

Ruby similar to Ruby Rose RWBY

Both of these characters have the same name. In Mobile Legends, Ruby is a fighter type hero who use a sickle.

You need to know that this hero is very similar to the character of Ruby Rose in the anime RWBY. Both of these characters use red hoodies and both use sickle.

Fanny’s similar to Mikasa (Attack on Titan)

Who is not familiar with Mikasa from Attack on Titan? Indeed, this character was implemented as a hero in Mobile Legends under the name Fanny.

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Starting from the 3D maneuvers as in the anime. Try to get the thrill in Mobile Legends.

Gusion similar to Genos (One Punch Man)

Gusion is a mage hero in Mobile Legends whose appearance is very similar to the Genos characters in One Punch Man anime.

Both of these characters have the same hairstyle and hair color. In terms of posture, the expression of the character, and the style of both characters also look the same.

Alucard similar to Dante (Devil May Cry)

Alucard a fighter hero with his sword has the same appearance as Dante in Devil May Cry anime. This similar appearance of Alucard still not getting any rework by Moonton.

The appearance, posture, hair, facial expression, and the sword used are very similar. That’s why this hero look similar.

Well that’s a review of Mobile Legends heroes that similar to anime characters. What do you think? Do you agree that the five heroes above have similarities to the characters in the anime series?


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