7 Best Hero Mage Kiter Mobile Legends, a Mobile Legends swindlers!


The Mage in Mobile Legends game is a hero who has a high damage and magical damage. By relying on their skills, they can give you a big damage in an instant. The skills they have are also diverse, some of which have CC there also which gives AoE damage. Their skills can be a very violent kiter. This time there’s the best Hero Mage Kiter Mobile Legends You should know, the Mage is a public and an accomplished scammer in Mobile Legends

Kiting Mobile Legends is a strategy where, you give damage to enemies and keep the distance between you. So when you give it a damage, the enemy will have trouble approaching you. Kiting can also be done when you are blurred. When you run, use damage skills to attack your enemies, and there are usually people who use CC to keep your enemies difficult to pursue.

Many heroes can become a fierce Kiter and usually the role of mobile legends Mage has it. Here is a recommendation by Hero Mage with a fierce kite skill.


She is a hero mage who can attack enemies from afar with his birthday skills and can become a bird with his Passive. The Skill has high damage and fairly adequate area. What makes Pharsa kiter good is its 1 skill. With his 1 skill that can attack enemies from afar, he can attack enemies and keep them. Not only that, when the enemy wants to get close, it can give root from skill 1 anyway. So Pharsa can attack enemies and keep the distance from them.


She is a hero mage damage reap that can control the umbrella from a distance. With skills that can be controlled from the distance, no doubt Kagura is a very fierce kiter. His 1 Skill throws an umbrella and controls him, and he can attack the enemy easily. Coupled with damage that can give slow makes it very difficult to catch. If it is pressed, Kagura can throw the umbrella away from the enemy, and then teleport towards the parasol. So it would be hard to catch the Kagura, and instead you catch it, you just reduce your blood.


He is a mage with a high burst damage and a distant range. It can attack the enemy and keep the distance between him and his enemy. That way, Valir can easily attack and defend. Plus, his 2 skills that can drive the enemy make it even harder to approach. After that you can use a sprint to run away from the enemy. If the enemy is still chasing, just kite them with a skill of 1 that has a distant behaviour.


Nana is a very knowledgeable mage who has a vast zoning skill. As a mage, Nana can also be a support, but this time Nana is better to be a CC mage. The cause of Nana is a fierce kiter, Skill 2, which has a high AoE, makes it possible to change the enemy can not attack. After that, a skill of 1 that has a high reach makes it difficult to approach.

In addition Nana has passive skills that make her escape during the precarious times. This passive Skill will be active when Nana has reached its HP limit and almost will die.


Zhask is a mage that can make a tiny tower attack. Because the tower made him a fierce Kiter. Because the area is very spacious and damage is very disturbing. Zhask also has a skill that makes it able to put traps which when the enemy asks, they will be subjected to slow.

After that, you can attack him from a distance, or summon a tower to attack the enemy. That’s why zhask becomes very difficult to approach. You do not have to move forward to attack the enemy because your tower damage is very sick and has a high scale. Zhask, therefore, is a fierce Zoning hero and a very disturbing kiter.



Harley is a very violent hero burst damage and has an escape skill that can be relied on. With its 1st Skill Harley can attack enemies while walking, so Harley can deliver damage appropriately. Harley is a hero with a somewhat difficult skill because its 1 skill is not too far away but has a high damage when it attacks him up close.

Each cartoon that hits an enemy from his 1 skill will add a Harley Speed. Because it’s better skill 1 It can be about the enemy precisely. So to attack his 1 skill can be very fierce at close range. Therefore, this skill can be a fierce kite.

When the enemy pursues you, use skill 1 and run backward with skill 1 leading to the enemy. If you do this, the enemy will be difficult to chase after you because the blood will be in every skill that is about them. If it’s still not enough to make the enemy backwards, use skill 2 to run away from the enemy. So the enemy will not catch you and the blood is reduced due to the damage from Harley earlier.


Alice is a mage sustain hero who can teleport from afar and have a skill root area that can stop the movement of the enemy. The distant skill of making him can attack the enemy easily from a distance, then the teleport to his skill 1 makes him can enter Team Fight easily. This is what makes him a fierce kiter.

If Alice is being pursued by an enemy, she can attack the enemy with her 1st skill. Afterwards, if the enemy approaches, Alice can stop him with his 2 skills so the enemy can not move. You can repeat this while reducing the enemy’s blood. So it will be hard to catch Alice.

That’s a collection of Mobile Legends that has very violent kiting skills. By keeping the distance between you and your enemies, make it difficult to get close to you. After that, you can attack enemies and reduce the enemy’s blood as the game progresses. This strategy can be done and make the enemy backward. When you run from an enemy you can do it.

However, look at the condition, if you can’t use your skills at run time, don’t be forced. You have got caught and can not do anything.


It is also not applicable when you are hit by a gang. You have to keep the distance between you and the enemy team, then run and do kiting. That way you can give damage and run from enemies.

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