7 Best Mobile Legends Damager Hero, Your Team Damage Dealer!

Here we will give you 7 of the best damage specialty heroes that you can use in Mobile Legends to make your team victory easier.


Specialty damage in Mobile Legends are heroes that can provide very high damage output to enemies effectively. You must pay attention to these heroes because at least in the team they need 2 sources of damage.

Heroes of damage need to be remembered differently from burst, poke, or reap. Hero specialized damage means as a hero, you must be able to provide consistent damage continuously or called DPS. Well, these DPS heroes are usually filled with marksman or fighter, although some are mage.

Here we will give you 7 of the best damage specialty heroes that you can use in Mobile Legends to make your team victory easier.


Terizla is a very capable hero fighter who deals high damage thanks to his skills. Even though he was fairly slow, but the damage he could produce was not playing because once the enemy was caught off guard and was trapped by a Terizla combo, it was certain that they would die beaten continuously.


GORDCara Counter Ultimate hero Kaja Mobile Legends

Gord is a mage hero who is very focused in dealing high damage. Gord’s damage is extremely deadly especially if there are many targets that his skill can be subject to. Gord is a very powerful mage who provides consistent high damage.


MASHAtips bermain Hero Masha Mobile Legends

Besides being very difficult to kill, as a capable fighter Masha can do very high damage thanks to his skillset. Besides that Masha is a pusher who is very strong and can be trusted. When 1v1 is very difficult against Masha because of his high damage.


EUDORAcounter granger mobile legends

Eudora is a mage hero who is really full damage. All of his skills are damage and pulling him very deadly. If you think the mage is an inconsistent damage dealer, Eudora breaks this because his low cooldown skill makes him very consistent as a DPS.


HARLEYCounter Terizla ML Pakai Hero Mobile Legends Ini!

Harley is a mage hero who is very difficult to catch thanks to his skills. In addition, Harley can do very high damage because his skills that are very supportive of each other can do very high damage consistently and strongly.


KAGURAHero Counter Khufra Di Mobile Legends

If you are able to face the difficulty of playing Kagura then you will get a mage who can do very high damage. Not only that, even as a mage he is quite independent and does not need intense assistance. The Kagura skill combo is very dangerous if used perfectly.



It can be said that Valir is the best mage hero when dealing consistently high damage. The reason is very easy because all of his skills are very low cooldown and have unreasonable damage. Especially when ulti is active because Valir can even the whole team if protected.


That’s the 7 best damage specialty heroes in Mobile Legends. You must use these heroes in the team because at least the team requires 2 very high dealer damage. These heroes can fill the empty bench as damage.


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