7 Best Odette Skins Mobile Legends (ML)

Showing the beauty of Odette's hero becomes cooler. Has a pretty cool effect, so it has an effect as well as how we can have it. All of these skins are quite elegant, those of you who like to use will be interested in collecting these skins.


Mobile Legends has released a lot of the latest updates which are very good. There are even 7 Best Odette Mobile Legends (ML) Skins, which have an enchanting appearance. Making this character has many fans too, because of her beauty and grace. Not only that, the skill is also very strong. Showing the beauty of Odette’s hero becomes cooler. Has a pretty cool effect, so it has an effect as well as how we can have it. All of these skins are quite elegant, those of you who like to use will be interested in collecting these skins.

As one of the Hero Mage who is quite scary, has a fairly strong ability in dealing with enemies. Even Odette according to my Esports is strong, even this can make very strong attacks even better. Because with a different power again if you can use it.

Swan Princess

For this first skin, it shows Odette who is the Swan Princess, meaning the Princess with the Goose Accessories. Because indeed the appearance of the Swan Princess like this, will definitely provide a stronger power. Even the Swan Princess also wears a very beautiful dress and accessories.

Of course this is a very cool Odette Default Skin, so Swan Princess also looks really cool. White is armed with Magic Wand and Sword, then Odette will give an attack easily.

If you want to get this skin easy, just exchange the Lucky Gem in a Lucky Spin right now. You can immediately get this skin directly and will get the prize later.

Black Swan

If this is what Esports sees, Black Swan is not much different from the Default Skin, because it only changes the Color and some details. A much darker color, blue there is also a Black Swan Wing on the back of Odette’s dress.

His wand also turned into a more serious Mage-like, even his sword had a darker color. I think this is a skin that is much better, so that it is easier for you to deal with easier enemies.

The price of this skin is only 259 Dm, as a Normal Type which is quite cheap. Even if you want to get the skin for free, through certain events and also Lucky Spin if it is available.

Christmas Carnival

Then next you can see Christmas Carnival, one of the special Winter and Couple Skins with Lancelot when using it. Because the appearance of this Christmas Carnival is very cool, so you can just use it right away. As one of the themes, it’s quite interesting to make it better with the Snow Effect on every attack.

Odette uses a Winter Outfit, a Snow Hat with a Wand that has a shape like Snow. The sword of this Skin has a different shape, where you will use red and white mint candies.

This skin is available only on Christmas or Winter, so you can immediately get the main prize. Available in a Special Draw, so you can later get this Skin a little more expensive.

Mermaid Princess

This is an Epic Limited Skin that is present in the Mobile Legends game, even Mermaid Princess herself has cool effects for you to use. Even from the theme, it can be seen that Odette uses clothes as a princess of the sea. Has a bright blue color, as well as very festive decorative strands.

Of course, Mermaid Princess itself becomes a good skin, especially when you use it when competing. The effect of the ocean that will follow every player’s movement, will make the opponent unable to escape from this kind of power.

Then a stick weapon that changes its tip as a Shell, as well as a golden sword that comes from a famous ocean treasure. You can only have Odette Mermaid Princess through a Lucky Spin Event and it only happens at certain times.

Butterfly Goddess

As a Skin that brings peace to everyone, Odette Butterfly Goddess can make all that happen. Is a goddess of butterflies, in the forest who can also maintain the stability of a creature there without any difficulty at all.

Even the clothing theme is Green, and Odette has a picture of the butterfly when she uses this Skin. His weapon also changed to a golden scepter, there was even a butterfly wing shape with a very large size. The sword that Odette carries is also now Green on the handle and Silver.

If you want to have it, you only need to exchange 40 Lucky Gems in the Lucky Shop. Only after you guys do that, then we can also get the Skin so easily.


This is included in the Zodiac Skin type, you can only get it on a certain Zodiac month and appears in the Draw section. Yup Skin Virgo raises a theme like that, has an image and Odette’s grace that blends with the constellations.

Even in addition to this appearance like a star Queen, Odette also has a wand weapon that changes and glows with stars. And the shiny blue sword looks very good, supporting the appearance of Odette’s Skin itself.

A graceful face and it is natural why it is a rare type, because it is only available once a year. You just won’t regret it if you already have this, let alone make it a new collection.

Auspicious Charm

It’s a skin that appeared at Lunar Fest, it’s even limited now because my esports can say changes and revamps. It’s said to be a cool skin, full of lighting from the effects of the attack or the introduction of the skin.

It will be a good Skin Group, so you yourself must be interested in being able to have all of this. Odette’s appearance also uses a Lunar New Year-themed outfit, even in Orange color along with her weapon as well.

At the beginning of its release it appeared in the Shop at a price of 749 Dm, because this is a Special Skin type too. But after getting a new Revamp on the Skin and the hero as well, making it happen so that it is now a limited time event.

After knowing the 7 Best Odette Mobile Legends (ML) Skins, you don’t need to be confused anymore and can just try it. Because you can see it first, before you can get the Skin. Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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