7 Heroes Have the Best Shield in Mobile Legends (ML)

On this occasion, Esportsku will provide a line of Mobile Legends heroes who have the best Shield skills or abilities.


Mobile Legends is a game that has various heroes with unique abilities in it, starting from tanks, marksman, assassins, mages and also support. However, among the following heroes there are several heroes with high shield abilities. On this occasion, Esportsku will provide a line of Mobile Legends heroes who have the best Shield skills or abilities.

Of course, there are quite a lot of heroes who have the best shields in the Mobile Legends game, one of which is a series of heroes with high defense skills and of course, very useful in a team fight in Mobile Legends. For those of you who are looking for a hero with the best Shield, you can use the following heroes.


The hero with the first shield capability is Esmeralda. The first tank mage hero has the best shield capability currently in Mobile Legends. Before nerf was presented, Esmeralda’s shield ability was able to increase up to 2 times her HP.  Currently Esmeralda can only increase the shield by half HP only.


The hero with the next shield ability is Uranus. Tanker hero who is often used as an offlaner. Shield ability is obtained from Uranus’ ultimate skill which can provide regeneration as well as HP which makes it very tough in Mobile Legends.


Johnson has a HP below 20%, Johnson will activate a shield that can withstand every attack from the opponent, the shield will also increase with the damage received and the armor used by Johnson.


Next there is the Lapu-Lapu hero who is a fighter hero who has a very strong shield in Mobile Legends, this one hero shield can be activated when Lapu-Lapu uses his ultimate, which can provide defense as well as a large burst of damage.


Next is Aldous, who is the fighter hero with the best shield ability in Mobile Legends. Aldous can activate a shield from his second skill. When the skill is stopped will give Crowd Control in the form of stun to nearby opponents, this shield is also very useful for Aldous to approach the opponent.


Harith is also a mage hero with excellent shield abilities. This is thanks to his passive ability to absorb the opponent’s shield into his, of course, the bigger the shield the opponent has, the bigger the shield he gets.


Finally, there is the Lolita hero who is the tanker with the best shield ability in Mobile Legends. This shield’s ability is obtained from her passive skill which can provide a shield to Lolita and the heroes that are nearby. This makes all team heroes resistant to opponent attacks.

That’s just a row of several heroes who have the best shield abilities in the Mobile Legends game. Hope that the presence of some of the recommendations above can be useful. Especially for those of you who are tank users or offlaners in Mobile Legends.