7 Strongest Luxury Items in Mobile Legends (ML) Strong in Late Game

For those who are curious about what luxury items can be purchased and can be very strong later on, they are below. These items can be your main choice later when playing Mobile Legends.


Maybe some of you still don’t know what luxury items are. In ML itself, there are indeed many of the strongest luxury items in Mobile Legends (ML) that you can buy. Prioritize in the late game, item builds can be better. For those who are curious about what luxury items can be purchased and can be very strong later on, they are below. These items can be your main choice later when playing Mobile Legends.

For those who don’t know, usually in build items there are core items and there are also luxury items. Core items are mandatory items from the hero that are difficult to contest while luxury items are the extra items.

These luxury items are varied because you will buy them if you have extra money. These items become a crutch in the late game or mid game later when combined with your core items. So buy luxury items if all core items are finished.

When it comes to luxury items, there are indeed many in Mobile Legends. But some of the existing luxury items are too OP. This is because the variety of build items in Mobile Legends is not much.

Poor balancing makes some luxury items too strong, of course, it will help core items get even better. There are not so many items in Mobile Legends, so there are not many luxury items either.

Here are luxury items in the late game that can help your game :

Malefic Roar

Malefic Roar, of course, you can’t just miss. This item is indeed a core item for some heroes such as Granger. But for other heroes, the entry into luxury items is because of the effect that can penetrate armor in the late game.

Not all matches make you obliged to bring anti-armor. Especially if you play using a %HP DPS or high critical hero. Therefore, it is included in the luxury category because it is not so mandatory.

Blade of Despair

Next there is also Blade of Despair. For some heroes, this is a core item, but most of them bring Despair as the strongest luxury item in Mobile Legends. In the late game if you have gold and more item slots this item will be very useful.

As the highest damage item in the game thanks to its stats and passive, of course it will be very strong. Especially if you use a burst or critical build then this item will be one of the most powerful items.

Rose Gold Meteor

RGM has a stat that is not satisfactory. But the passive effect is not so bad and can help the users. This item can provide an anti-magic shield effect that might help.

RGM is not a core item that can be used immediately. But this item can be a supporting item when you need to fight magic heroes whose damage is relatively high and annoying.

Divine Glaive

Next up is the Divine Glaive. Let’s just say this item is a Malefic Roar but a magic version. This is because from stats to passive effects, they are almost the same and only in the form of magic compared to physical.

As a luxury item, it will certainly help you in dealing high damage in the late game. Not so mandatory if your opponent doesn’t buy anti-magic items, but very strong in general as the strongest luxury item in Mobile Legends.

Holy Crystal

You can think of Holy Crystal as a magical version of Despair. But the difference is apart from magical vs physical, Holy Crystal is indeed more terrible in the late game because its passive effect provides very high scaling.

This high scaling is very important because with this item magic heroes can also compete in the late game. This high stat and high scaling can also help if you use Blood Wings.

Blood Wings

Blood Wings may be considered as one of the strongest luxury items in Mobile Legends, which is very underrated. This item gives a very high stat and is one of the items with the best stats in the magic class.

But what is very good is from the passive itself. This item will provide a shield according to the magic power of the user. This shield is also useful because it can make the user not easily burst later.


Then there is one of the most selling luxury items and perhaps the most users. This Immortality item provides excellent stats for your heroes and also a very strong passive effect.

The passive effect will give you a second chance and come back to life when you die. This revival effect is of course very important because you can use it to turn things around.

So, those are some of the strongest Mobile Legends luxury items that you might be able to use. The items here can certainly help you become a better player if used properly. Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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