8 Advantages and Disadvantages of Playing Using the Mobile Legends Emulator (ML)

Will make it clear to all of you now. As an important part that players must know, before they can try the Emulator of the Mobile Legends game.


Mobile Legends has released a lot of great updates that are cool and include part of the Hero now. Especially with the 8 advantages and disadvantages of playing Mobile Legends (ML) using an emulator, you will definitely feel it when you do it. Because with these advantages and disadvantages, maybe Mobile Legends players will feel it for themselves. Will make it clear to all of you now. As an important part that players must know, before they can try the Emulator of the Mobile Legends game.

Because there are indeed many things that we can try directly, to feel the sensation of playing the Mobile Legends game better. Even by using an emulator, of course we will be more exciting and feel different sensations.

Feel the Different Playing Sensation

Considering that if you use an Emulator in this Mobile Legends game, of course you will do it on a PC or Laptop. Of course, with the first advantage, we will definitely feel a different sensation from all the sensations of playing as well.

Because we don’t play using the touch screen anymore, but use the Mouse and Keyboard to move the game. You will have the sensation of playing games like Dota or LOL, but the difference is that this is Mobile Legends from the Emulator.

Wider Screen

Of course, HP and PC or Laptop screens have different resolutions and sizes from the monitors you have. Of course, with a bigger screen, you might be more suitable for those of you who play using the emulator.

Even according to my Esports, the Wider Screen does help you more freely see enemies and the game. As long as you pay attention to a few things, set also from the settings that you have to set for this now.

No need to run out of battery

Now, if you play through this emulator, you don’t have to be afraid to run out of batteries when playing Mobile Legends. Yes, even if you play using a laptop, sometimes the battery runs out, but we can still use the charger to recharge the battery until it is full.

Unless you play from a PC, you don’t need a charger at all and you can continue to play it on gas. As for the difference between laptops and cellphones, according to my Esports, if you play from your cellphone while charging your cellphone, then it can make the sensitive screen mess while the laptop doesn’t.

Still Can Mabar With Friends From HP

If you play the Mobile Legends game using an Emulator, of course you can still stay cool with a Theme that uses HP too. Unlike games like PUBG Mobile or Free Fire, where the game provides a system for the Emulator that meets the Emulator player as well.

If in Mobile Legends you will meet Mobile Players, Emulators can also and what’s more. Don’t miss a day without ranking with your friends, if you really want to rank up to Mythic. But Esportsku remind you, to always remember the time and do other activities too.

Must Have High Specs

This is a shortcoming that Esports I tell you, if you want to play Mobile Legends via the Emulator, of course you have to have high specs. Whether it’s a laptop or PC, these specs are quite influential on your playing performance using an emulator.

There are indeed several emulators for potato PCs and laptops, but all of them also have their own limitations. If your specs are not enough for that, then you won’t be able to play the Mobile Legends game through the emulator.

Different Button Settings

Well, basically, if you play using your cellphone, you just have to press it, the joypad moves and it will move. But for the emulator itself, you must first set it according to the settings that we want to use. Because we just have to use the mouse to move, we can change it to using WASD if we have the time and understand that.

Not to mention that all parts of this Keyboard are our place to use Skills in the Mobile Legends game. If you are not used to it, you may make skills, even that will be quite detrimental for the players themselves.

Power Outages Can Be Disturbed

This is my direct Esports experience playing Mobile Legends via the Emulator, you will feel a shortage when the power goes out. Yup, not all laptops have strong batteries, but some are weak and affect the power outage when you use them.

Maybe those of you who are playing mobile legends then turn off the power, the PC will immediately turn off and the laptop will be the same. However, laptops for those whose batteries are not strong, are different for those whose batteries are still strong. Unless you’ve just played and the laptop battery only turns on for a while if you don’t use a charger, then it’s going to be AFK in a match if the laptop dies.

Sometimes Applications Not Responding

This goes back to the specs that you have too, but actually sometimes it can happen if the settings are too forceful. This leads to a setting called Graphics and the size of the emulator, of course it will also have an effect on your game.

Even with applications that are not responding like this, there must be some settings that are too excessive on the graphics that you install. Now in conditions like this, players must also check the graphics settings in the game whether they are right or not. The problem is that my Esports is experiencing Ultra graphics in the game, instead getting an application that is not responding at all.

After you know the 8 Advantages and Disadvantages of Playing Mobile Legends (ML) Using Emulators, maybe some things like this are preparation. If you want to try playing this Mobile Legends game with low settings first, so that later the emulator itself can run smoothly and receive the benefits. Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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