8 Best Battle Spell Helcurt Mobile Legends (ML)

In order to make his strength even better than before. So that you don't find it difficult to defeat the enemy, because the Battle Spell will support Helcurt in the match.


Mobile Legends has provided a lot of good updates that you should check right now. Included with the 8 Best Battle Spells of Hero Helcurt Mobile Legends (ML), of course a good Spell for the hero. As long as you yourself don’t make all that go to waste, because the main and backup spells might be able to make us stronger. In order to make his strength even better than before. So that you don’t find it difficult to defeat the enemy, because the Battle Spell will support Helcurt in the match.

Of course the ability of Helcurt when competing is very strong, so you yourself can’t possibly want to miss this opportunity. Including one of the conditions that fit perfectly later, it will definitely affect your game in this game now.


Based on my experience playing Esports, Retribution will be the No. 1 place for this hero named Helcurt. Of course Helcurt is a Hero who is the strongest Hyper Hero, then doing what is called Farming is not a problem for him sooner or later.

But it turns out that Retribution is my first choice of Esports, as a Spell that makes it easier for this hero for Farming Jungle to quickly become a hero. Of course, with Helcurt’s ability like that, this spell is indeed suitable and very suitable for you to use when you are competing against enemies later.


Although Helcurt has indeed moved very quickly, the sprint spell is also suitable to accompany him in the match later. Of course with a Spell like this, we will be very flexible to move Lane or kidnap one enemy.

For Esportsku, the game is like this when using Sprint, players use Ultimate and Ultimate to quickly grab opponents suddenly. But there are other things like after ulti and there are enemies who managed to escape, so we can chase them again by using this spell right now.


One of the Spells that my Esports often use when it’s not hyper, even this will make the Helcurt Skill maximized. You know skill 2 Helcurt really depends on the enemy’s movement, now by using Stun the enemy can get more damage.

Of course, with a Spell like this, it will definitely make it easier for the Hero to deal damage to the opponent. The Ultimate Combo then approaches an enemy without using any skill, then the enemy who wants to run away can use Skill 1 and Stun then Skill 2 to defeat him.


Helcurt is one of the heroes who is quite strong, but has a very low HP and is quite vulnerable. However, I suggest Esports can use the Aegis Spell, so you can get Shield immunity without having to take damage from the enemy.

This Aegis is perfect for Helcurt, but unfortunately you can’t rely too much on this Spell. You have to pay attention to your condition in the match to be safer, don’t rush forward when facing the enemy when using Helcurt with a Spell like that.


If you want to play Ouptlay against enemies, you can use Spell Flicker and of course have 2 Blinks in close proximity. Those of you who have used Skill 1 and want to do Skill 2, but after the enemy runs away you can Flicker to chase the enemy.

Then if you see an enemy who is recalling alone in the Tower, you can flicker and skill 2 or just beat it if the enemy is dying. Can immediately run away using Skill 1 towards another blink and ultimate if you really need to use it.


This spell will make the player immune from the CC Effect that the enemy gives in every attack, Helcurt will be more suited to this. Based on my Esports experience using Helcurt, it turns out to be very weak when the enemy uses excessive CC effects.

Using this Purify will help you in things like that, but make sure if the enemy has issued his CC then we use it. So that every time you do an attack, it will be easier and you won’t be afraid of being hit by the CC Effect which is so annoying when trying to kill.


The enemy is dying but the skill is still Cooldown and not all ready? Execute is of course the answer to this problem. Helcurt’s attack ability will be helped by the Spell, because we can give large True Damage to the opponent using Spell Execute.

This spell is indeed the dream of many Assassin players, even Helcurt who is difficult to kill when competing later. So if you already have Hyper in your team, you can use this if you want it to be easier to ambush enemies and fight against any difficult opponent.


This spell is indeed suitable for a Marksman, but the Esports I’ve used on Helcurt can make it stronger. Because this hero’s claw has a high attack speed, when doing Ultimate, the damage is quite large.

Now imagine that the build is finished and using Inspire, surely the enemy will also be immediately confused and difficult to escape from Helcurt’s grip. Just pay attention to the position, so that later it won’t be too difficult when you are facing an opponent using this spell.

After knowing the 8 Best Battle Spells of Hero Helcurt Mobile Legends (ML), you don’t need to be confused anymore with all this. Because this Battle Spell of Esportsku choice, will help you in using Hero Helcurt in certain circumstances when you are competing later. Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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