8 Best Hero Core Disabler Mobile Legends (ML)

Using this hero you will have a greater potential for victory in Mobile Legends. Then what are the heroes with the best disable skills? Here's the review.


Quite a lot of hero cores in the Mobile Legends game. This row of heroes has great damage and can kill opponents easily. But what if the hero core has a disable skill ability? Of course, making a hero core with this disable skill will be more deadly in Mobile Legends. Using this hero you will have a greater potential for victory in Mobile Legends. Then what are the heroes with the best disable skills? Here’s the review.

Core is a hero who has high damage ability. The hero tends to be able to carry or bring the team to victory. Well, the following line of hero cores have:

On this occasion, a row of core heroes who have excellent disable abilities in Mobile Legends.


The first hero core is Moskov who is a marksman hero who has excellent disable skills, Moskov is one of the most deadly heroes in Mobile Legends.

Moskov’s ability to disable opponents is quite feared. This marksman hero can stop the opponent’s movement for a long time and make him move.

Moskov’s stun ability comes from the second skill he has. Which with these skills Moskov can easily launch his attacks. You can use two Moskov skills towards the wall, that way you can fight any hero with the disable.


Next is Hanabi who is a core marksman hero with excellent disable abilities in Mobile Legends. With Hanabi’s ultimate skill ability which can provide splash area attacks that can stun the opponent, this hero is very deadly.

Hanabi is very suitable for team fights, the more opposing heroes gather, the stronger She will be to fight them.

She is a marksman hero who has a very unique attack. She can release one attack where the attack can spread towards the opponent and stun the opponent affected by the skill, then Hanabi can attack them at will.


Here’s Aldous who is the core hero of mobile legends with a very strong role fighter with the most terrible damage in Mobile Legends.

Aldous can easily defeat the opponent with a single attack. Having an increasing stack of abilities, Aldous can defeat his opponent easily, even with just one attack.

Aldous himself is a fairly meta fighter hero in Mobile Legends at this time. He is also often used as a hero in meta hyper carry and also offlaner. He’ disable ability is obtained from his second skill, which ability can stun and shield Adlous.


Next there is Badang who is a fighter hero and is often played as an offlaner in Mobile Legends. Badang has a skill ability that can make him lock the opponent’s movement. Badang will create a wall around it and provide an attack to stop the opponent. Next Badang will give a pretty deadly combo attack. For any hero affected by the attack, it is certain that the hero will die immediately.

This fighter hero does have a very unique ability, as a fighter, he himself is often used to lock the opponent’s movement. With the consecutive attacks that Badang has, he will be able to make the opponent die instantly. Not only one hero, this ability can also be used for 5 opposing heroes at once.

Popol And Kupa

Next there are Popol and Kupa, who are marksman heroes who are very reliable and become meta in season 17 of Mobile Legends. Popol and Kupa are heroes who are often banned at this time. This marksman hero can be used in various roles, it can be as a tank, offlaner, core and even support.

As a core hero, Popa has a very good disable ability. This hero has the skill of a trap or mine where this ability can be placed wherever he wants. The effect of the mine will give an opponent a disable skill, and make the opponent unable to move for a few seconds.


Next is Natalia who is the core hero with the best disable in Mobile Legends. Natalia is very well used as an offlaner hero as well as a specialist to snatch opponents from behind. The disable ability is obtained from the silence ability which can make the opponent unable to launch skills in Mobile Legends.

This assassin hero is also a hero with the second silence ability after Helcurt in Mobile Legends. Not only that, Natalia’s second skill that can emit smoke bombs can also slow down the opponent’s movement, and provide an immune effect for Natalia.


Next is Helcurt who is a core assassin hero with the best disable ability in Mobile Legends. Helcurt has an attack that allows him to do very high burst damage. Not only that, helcurt can provide crowd control of the Silence type which can make the opponent unable to issue any skills in Mobile Legends.

With this disable ability, this one core hero is the best meta hero in Mobile Legends at the moment, not only that, Helcurt is also one of the heroes included in the list of heroes who are often banned in Mobile Legends.


Lastly, there is the hero Selena, which is a core hero with the ability to disable in Mobile Legends. Selena herself is a mage assassin hero who is very actively played as support. But apart from that, he is also often played as a core that has a deadly combo skill.

The disable ability lies in Selena’s ability to attack the opponent with the Abyssal Abyss and stun the opponent. No doubt, the stun ability is quite long, which is about 3 seconds in Mobile Legends.

So, that’s all a row of core heroes who have the best disable skills in Mobile Legends. Hopefully the reviews above can be useful, especially for those of you who are Mobile Legends gamers. Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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