8 Best Heroes to counter Atlas in Mobile Legends 2020

Many ML players play this tank. Therefore, consider the following 8 Heroes to counter him!


In March 2020, Moonton presented the latest Mobile Legends patch update by presenting a new type of Tank hero named Atlas in Mobile Legends.

This new hero has a good ability, which can attract 5 enemies at once. Enemy heroes who are in the area of ​​the Atlas can be immediately withdrawn in the specified direction. As for Franco, he can only attract one hero or opponent.


Best Atlas’s Counter on Mobile Legends

Atlas has crowd control skills and can be a very deadly battle initiator. So, Atlas becomes a hero that must be used in this match in Mobile Legends. However, there are also heroes who can become the counter of  Atlas. Who are they? Check it out!



This Assassin type hero is a hero who has excellent damage abilities. Also, Lancelot gets extra damage from his passive skill, Soul Cutter. These extras can be obtained from each time doing a dash.

By using and additional damage reaching 10% – 30%, Atlas can defeat the enemy quickly and deadly.

Therefore, Lancelot has two advantages in dealing with Atlas heroes, namely by fighting with high damage and also its ability to ward off the enemy disable.



Nana is a hero who has an amazing ability and can make the opposing party annoyed by the ability of these 2 skills.

With the ability of this Morph Spell, Nana can turn Atlas into a cat in just a few seconds. Coupled with the ability of Dragon Cat Summons make opponents rarely escape and immediately die on the spot.


SaberAssassin ML Terbaik Push Rank Season 15 Mobile Legends!

Saber is one hero who has the ability to catch his opponent off guard. He will take out his flying knife which is circling around the area. Where when the knife moves back to the enemy saber on the knife line it will be damaged.

Therefore, Saber can lock Atlas with his ultimate attack. This hero can deal high damage even to hero tanks.



He has the ability to destroy enemy formations and also deal enormous damage. Besides this one hero is very invulnerable and and has been defeated.

Grock can make Atlas overwhelmed in attack, this hero can block the atlas when he wants to initiate



Hero ML OP Damage Besar Season 15 Mobile Legends

At the start of season 15, Pharsa went a revamp. Pharsa is by far the most widely used hero when playing on Mobile Legends. This type of hero Mage has the ability to burst damage with a very large area.

This ability making her a hero that is feared when dealing with her. The skill she launched was the ultimate skill that could make her opponents inconvenient in her red circle.



One of the heroes who became the initiator in this battle is a hero of the fighter type, whose name is Chou.

A hero who has Jeet Kune Do’s martial arts abilities and has Crowd Control and anti-debuff abilities.



Having the ability to give knock back, knock up, and also slow against enemies, this Khufra is a Tank type hero.

Different from most Tank heroes, this Khufra has far better abilities than heroes of the same type.

This hero can thwart Ulti Atlas from a long distance by using his skill 1.


KarrieHero Counter Baxia ML Di Ranked Mobile Legends

Karrie is one of the marskman who has a very high damage ability with a very fast period of time.

Equipped with a fairly high DPS, Karrie can be a very powerful Atlas counter. The Phantom Step skill can also be used to avoid Atlas ultimate skills.


That’s 8 of Atlas’s counter that we can convey to you. Hopefully this will be useful and happy playing!

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