8 Hero ML Counter Guinevere Latest Mobile Legends, Fight Easily!

This time a few Counter Guinevere heroes on Mobile Legends can you count on. In front of the following hero, he could not move and immediately cringe made.


Guinevere is one of the OP heroes in season 16 of Mobile Legends. This one mage hero is pretty much played and has a very annoying combo skill. But to fight Guinevere you can use the following Counter Hero Mobile Legends.


Hero Counter Guinevere Mobile Legends

Well, here are some Counter Guinevere heroes in Mobile Legends that you can count on. In front of the following hero, he could not move and immediately cringe made.



Item ML OP Untuk Comeback Mobile Legends

All heroes will be beaten by this or any hero. Yep, Nana is one of the heroes with high crowd control capabilities. Of course, a Guinevere will also be overwhelmed against one hero, With Nana’s transform skills that can make Guin become a raccoon and successive attacks that are very sick, Nana can make that one hero be defeated. Especially when losing, Nana will become a raccoon and run fast.



Kaja is a pretty aggressive hero with a great abduction ability. This one hero can trick Guinevere and attack him together with the team. Kaja is powerful enough to attack Guinevere even in the ultimate state.



Hero Fighter ML Terbaik Di Mobile Legends November Ini

Uranus is a very thick tank, with a lot of HP, of course, it will not be easily shaken if attacked by Guinever. Besides, the damage this hero has is large enough to easily counterattack.



Is a fighter hero with Crowd Control is quite good, he even counters many Assassin heroes, just call it Gusion, Harrith, and even Guinevere he can fight pretty well.



Franco ML Bebas Dari Bug Mobile Legends, Mainkan Sekarang!

Franco is the Tank hero with the best Hook attack. This one hero is reliable enough to count all enemy heroes, even Guinvere. When Guinever jumped, Franco was ready to strike back with a long stun, and continued with his team’s attack.



Skin Hanabi Setelah Skin Venom Mobile Legends

Hanabi started his comeback lately, he has strong immunity so he can easily get away from Guinevere’s attacks. Also, Hanabi can counterattack quickly and stop Guinevere easily.



Hero ML Tak Cocok Di Meta Season 15 Mobile Legends

Saber is the real Assassin with his deadly executor attacks. This one hero can easily attack Guinevere with his lock skills that no doubt. With great damage even in the Late Game, Saber can kill anyone including Guinever with one strike.



Cara Stabilkan Ping Mobile Legends

Leomord is a hero with the best Critical attacks. This one hero is very strong when fighting fist. Leomord is not easily defeated by Ginevere even he can attack back if Guinevere attacks him.


Now that’s the best Counter Guinevere hero in Mobile Legends. Which is your favorite hero?

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