8 Strengths and Weaknesses of Hero Valentina Mobile Legends (ML)

The strength of this Valentine's hero can make you understand better. Because of the great strength of the Hero, it must have ups and minuses that will be felt in the match later.


Mobile Legends has released a lot of good updates which of course you shouldn’t miss at all. Then there are also 8 Strengths and Weaknesses of Hero Valentina Mobile Legends (ML), of course something that is quite important. Because this Hero named Valentina some say it’s strong, but some say it’s really lacking when you play later. The strength of this Valentine’s hero can make you understand better. Because of the great strength of the Hero, it must have ups and minuses that will be felt in the match later.

Even we ourselves know that Valentina is an interesting hero, different from other skills to gain power in battle. Including something good so we can play it right away, even for you guys to be even stronger.

High Damage Hero

Valentina is a Hero who has very high Damage, even from Early to Mid Game, very powerful for Valentina. Even under certain conditions, Valentina can deal the strongest damage, to make the enemy retreat faster against her.

Even with Skills 1 and 2 which are quite interesting in their abilities, they can make players not easily defeated. Only need attack control, so that the damage will make the opponent afraid.

Flexibility And Deceive The Enemy (Advantage)

Then in the Strength section of Hero Valentina is Flexibel, because her ability is able to deceive enemy movements. It’s very easy to happen, even those of you who use it might not be too difficult if you are overtaken by the opposing Hero.

Because Skill 2 from Hero Valentina you can freely 2 times, first go forward and then back again with Skill is not a problem. But remember that this skill also has one condition that is not so good, you will even find its shortcomings later.

Suitable For Rulers of All Roles (Advantage)

Something very good about this hero is that it is suitable for players who master all hero roles. Because in terms of its ability to copy the enemy’s Ultimate, of course it will not be detrimental for those of you who use Valentina.

Because there are several heroes that can be copied in full and in the ultimate, if you can use all the roles it will be very easy. The adjustment is the same as the condition of the opponent, so that you will not be easily defeated in this battle.

Ultimate Can Copy Build (Advantage)

The advantages of this Hero are also able to copy the strength of the enemy Hero to the build as well. Of course, it will make you braver in fighting the enemy, because in this condition it will be easier to face them without fear.

For example, you Copy the Enemy’s Hero Layla, Skill 1 and 2 remain the same but the ultimate changes. Now if we do the Ultimate attack, the damage depends on our build and Layla’s earlier. Then Basic attacks are the same as that, so you yourself definitely don’t have to worry about facing difficult enemies.

Wrong Copy of Disaster Carrier (Disadvantages)

Based on my experience playing Valentine’s Esports, it turns out that if you copy the enemy hero incorrectly, it will be a disaster. Because if their build position hasn’t been finished, then we can’t deal big damage and maybe the hero is not our forte in this game.

Of course, things like that will get you in trouble too, especially some heroes whose ultimate doesn’t really affect you too much. For example, if you Copy Ultimate Gusion, it turns out that we can only use this for Blink and don’t change Skills 1 and 2. Except like Roger or Selena, it’s good for you to copy even if the ultimate changes only.

Can Die Even In A State Of Copy (Disadvantages)

When you are dying and copying enemy heroes, it turns out that things like this will not restore your HP to be full or half. Of course the shortcomings of Valentina’s hero are very influential, if you have copied and your HP runs out, you will not return to Valentine’s hero form again.

But if the HP runs out, it means that later we will immediately die and wait for the respawn to return. Of course, with conditions like this, players must overcome these shortcomings and always play slowly and carefully when they copy the enemy.

Not All Build Effects Feel (Disadvantage)

According to my own Esports, the build from the Hero that has been copied by Valentina doesn’t feel like much, maybe it’s only half of it. In conditions like this too, indeed you will feel good but sometimes the build just hits a bit.

But you can handle this with maybe the right way to play, don’t be in a hurry to Copy the Opponent Hero. If indeed you only have to build half of it, but try to have an important build for the Valentina Hero.

Pretty Thin HP (Disadvantages)

Don’t get me wrong, the HP of Valentina’s hero is quite thin in the Mobile Legends game, so it’s really easy to get caught by the enemy. If you reduce this magic build, the damage from the Hero will decrease.

You will probably feel the effects of Valentine’s HP for yourself, pay close attention so you don’t get defeated so easily. Even for certain conditions, copying the enemy hero also turns out that this HP is even in a thin or the same condition as Valentine herself.

After knowing the 8 Strengths and Weaknesses of Hero Valentina Mobile Legends (ML), then you don’t need to be confused anymore to use them. You can use the Hero well, take its advantages and prevent some of the shortcomings of this hero later. Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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