9 List of Skins Released in Mobile Legends January 2021 (ML)

On this occasion we have a list and release dates of all the skins that will be coming in January 2021.


Especially in January 2021, we have a list and date of Skin Release in Mobile Legends (ML) January 2021. Every month, Moonton always presents a line of new skins in the Mobile Legends game, many of the players are looking forward to what skin heroes will be present. On this occasion we have a list and release dates of all the skins that will be coming in January 2021.

It’s common knowledge that Moonton presents a lot of skins every month. At least 5 or more new skins will appear every month, starting from elite skins, starlight skins, special skins, epic skins and Collector skins.

Benedetta – Street Vortex

One of the newest heroes who are given for free is very quick to get the newest skin. Which is Benedetta herself just came a few months ago and is the hero who gets the Starlight skin the fastest.

Now the Skin Starlight Benedetta will be released on January 1, 2021, you can get this skin by buying Starlight Member for about 500 diamonds. Prepare around IDR 150,000 to get this Starlight skin.

Valir – Demonlord

Second, there is the latest skin from the hero Valir, which is a Collector skin who was present at the Epic Showcase Event. This skin is called Demonlord and is ready for you to play in Mobile Legends. Having a super cool look with the best animation is definitely a must-have.

Now, Valir’s newest seasom ml skin will be available on January 5, 2021. You can get it at the Epic Showcase Event. Prepare at least 3000-4000 diamonds if you want to get a Skin Release in Mobile Legends (ML) January 2021, this newest Valir.

Vale – Kannagi

Next, there is a skin for the Vale hero, which finally has a new skin after several years. Vale will present a very good and unusual Elite skin. Surely you are looking forward to this latest skin, right?

This Elite Vale Kannagi skin will be here and you can get it on January 8, 2021. For the price itself, just prepare 599 diamonds or the equivalent of Rp. 150,000 if you want to get the newest and most awaited skin.

Clint – Hell Inspector

Next is the skin which will be the exclusive prize of the upcoming M2 World Championship 2021 tournament. After the M1 skin is given to the hero Aldous, next you will present the M2 skin for this one hero marksman. How much it costs?

For the price, you can get the skin by buying an M2 Tournament Pass, you can get this one for 899 diamonds or the equivalent of ordinary Epic skins in the Mobile Legends game.

Paquito Normal Skin

It is unfortunate that there are still no leaks regarding the normal skins that will be released at the time of the release of this one hero. But certainly, Paquito will be released in January and will get a new normal skin at the same time as the release.

Now this normal skin hasn’t appeared yet, but make sure you can get it for only 299 diamonds when it’s released. You can get this skin on January 15, 2021.

Aurora – Zodiac Aquarius

Even though it’s not the latest skin. But this one skin is also mandatory for you to look forward to. You will have the newest resale for the Zodiac Aquarius skin belonging to the hero Aurora. This skin has a cool look and is a must for you to get.

You can get Zodiac Aurora at the Zodiac Summon Event starting January 20, 2021. Make sure you collect Crystal of Aurora to draw to bring Aurora home in Mobile Legends.

Ling – Cosmo Guard

Furthermore, there is a Skin Release in Mobile Legends (ML) January 2021 Special for Ling hero who will be present in early 2021. Ling himself is a very popular assassin hero. The skin he has is highly anticipated for the core hero user in Mobile Legends.

Ling’s newest skin will be named Cosmo Guard. You can get this one skin at the shop for around 749 diamonds only. You can get Ling’s skin starting January 23, 2021.

Harith – EVOS Legends

At the end of the M2 World Championship tournament, you can get a Skin Release in Mobile Legends (ML) January 2021 Exclusive from the hero Harith with the EVOS Legends skin. This skin is merchandise from the results of EVOS ‘victory in winning the M1 World Championship 2019 yesterday.

Harith EVOS Legends will be resold on January 26, 2021. You can get this very rare EPIC skin for just 899 diamonds. Make sure you have this skin because it can’t be obtained at a later date.

Hilda – Bass Graze

At the end of the month, we will have a new skin for the hero Hilda. This skin has a Special caste with the name Bass Graze. Hilda herself is a tough tank and is often a meta hero in Mobile Legends. Make sure you get this one skin.

Unfortunately there is no information on how to get this one skin. If you look at Martis’s skin with a similar theme, maybe this skin is present for free at an event? If not, it will be sold at the Shop for 749 diamonds.

That’s all the skins that will be released in January 2021. Make sure you have entered the skin above in the wishlist list of skins that you want to have. And make sure you have enough diamonds on the skin release above. Don’t forget to keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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