Akai Build Item Mobile Legend, the most Tumultuous tanks of Mobile Legends!


One of the strongest Tank heroes in Mobile Legend is Akai, this hero is one of the most barbarous and toughest heroes to mess up enemy formations quickly in Mobile Legends.

Hero Akai Mobile Legends ‘ best Skill is found in his mercilessly swirling attacks to hit the enemy. Tanker one has great damage and can pinch the enemy quickly.

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The best Akai ML Item Build for Akai Mobile Legends

This time the best Build-up of Akai you can try in Mobile Legends. But before that, you have to prepare the Emblem first and the following Battle Spell’s. As an Akai Tank, you can use the Custom Tank Emblem as its main emblem. It’s a help for your own Battle spell, if you’re using Petrify.

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Tough Boots

At early games Akai desperately needed anti magic items such as Tough Boots. In addition to the speed increase, this one Item also adds 22 Magical Defense and 40 attribute Movement Speed. This Item is very effective for driving Crowd Control enemies by 30% and resistant to mage attacks.

Shadow Mask

As an active Tank hero in Roaming, Akai is obliged to use Shadow masks. This one Item can be relied upon to gank the enemy. It has an attribute of 700 HP and 25 Movement Speed as well as a 10% cooldown very suitable for Akai.

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As a Tank, it is certainly mandatory to use Immortality. This one Item has enough reliable capability because it can revive Akai. So he has a chance to fight back in a few seconds.

Athena’s Shield

Next is Athena’s Shield. As an item that must be used to drive away any Mage attacks, Athena’s Shield is worth your use. This Item has attributes 900 HP, Magical Defense 62 and 20 HP Regen. For its own skill, you can get a shield of 170-1150 every 30 seconds and grow stronger according to your level.

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The Queen’s Wings

As an improvement HP you guys can use Queen’s Wings. This Item is very helpful and gives the attributes 15 Physical Attack, 1000 HP and also 10% CD Reduction.  But most interestingly, this item can increase Lifesteal by 30% that lasts 5 seconds subs and has a cooldown of 50 seconds.

Antique Cuirarass

It’s mandatory for you to use in Late Game. The reason, Late is a fast time for hero marksman to reign, therefore, you can use Antique Cuirmass to counter the attack.


Well that’s the best item build for Akai Mobile Legends hero. All the combinations of these items are counters of various enemies such as attacks from the Mage or from the marksman during the late game. Hopefully it’s beneficial.