ALLSTAR Event Presents New Skins and Maps in Mobile Legends (ML)


Mobile Legends,  as is also known, indeed in this game, it continues to present several new updates. Like this time you can find out about the ALLSTAR Event Presenting New Skins and Maps in Mobile Legends (ML), Of course, with that you can find out.

Of course, in the Mobile Legends game itself, as you all know, for now there are various kinds of exciting events, of course, it will make players more interested in being able to play the game later.

But you can see this in more detail in the article, but before that you can also see  ITZY Officially Becomes the Global Ambassador of Mobile Legends  this time. That way you can find out the latest news for updates in the Mobile Legends game.

In the following, we will also provide an explanation for the ALLSTAR Event which presents new skins and maps in the Mobile Legends game. Of course, you can find out about this this time in the article below because it is very interesting.

ALLSTAR Event Presents New Skins and Maps in Mobile Legends (ML)

Take part in the upcoming annual Mobile Legends: Bang Bang event and become your very own superstar! Featuring up to four new hero skins, this year’s MLBB annual celebration has taken a new upgrade even higher; fan favorites Miya, Eudora, Rafaela, and Hanabi will be part of the ALLSTAR music scene!

Leveling up as an ALLSTAR

Formerly known as 515 e-party or 515 Unite, the annual Mobile Legends: Bang Bang party inherits the past music festival concept to take the celebration to a higher level with a new upgraded brand – ALLSTAR, which will also bring entertainment content to players across the globe. world.

Built with everyone in mind, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a 5v5 multiplayer online battle arena that lets anyone be the superstar they want to be. Become a tank, support, fighter, assassin, or even a marksman to bring out the star within you, regardless of background, status, or even age! Every player in MLBB has an equal opportunity to reach their limitless potential. The new ALLSTAR campaign will kick off the festivities on March 31st, with a new themed map releasing on March 22nd.

Launched ALLSTAR skins!

The new ALLSTAR campaign will feature new character skins available starting March 31st (skins will be released in the following days)! Players can also expect an exclusively cyberpunk and Lord themed ALLSTAR map interface, as well as more in-game activities to fuel the musical-themed celebrations.

Some of the newest hero skins of the ALLSTAR Mobile Legends Event:

Miya “Atomic Pop”

Eudora “Atomic Pop”

Rafaela “Seraphic Selfie”

Hanabi “Moonlit Ninja”

That’s an explanation of the newest event in the Mobile Legends game this time, namely ALLSTAR which presents skin prizes and other interesting things. What do you think about this explanation this time regarding the ALLSTAR event?