5 Champion Counter Nasus LOL Mobile Wild Rift

Nasus is weak in the early game makes sense. This is because he is a scaling champion. It takes a high stack to be deadly in the late game.

5 Nasus Wild Rift champion counters. Nasus is a champion who fills the Baron lane. He does look weak in the early game and is easy to kill. But once you blunder and let himself snowball in the early game, Nasus can be terrible in the late game.

A weak Nasus in the early game made sense. This is because he is a scaling champion. It takes a high stack to be deadly in the late game, so don’t blunder and give yourself space in the early game. The effective way is to cooperate with your jungler with the Nasus gang.


Nasus LoL Mobile Wild Rift Champion Counter

But there are some champions who can be strong against Nasus. They are very strong as a matchup on Baron lane and are very seeded when they play later. By using these champions you can become lane winners and force Nasus to withdraw.

  • Singed
  • Olaf
  • Darius
  • Vayne
  • Garen



Singed is probably the best champion for you to use against Nasus. This champion can easily zoning Nasus for not farming. Not only that, Nasus who doesn’t have the mobility will easily lose lane against Singed with his skillset.



In contrast to Nasus, who was very strong in the late game, Olaf was a monster in the early game. In addition, Olaf, who is increasingly dying, will be terrifying, and can be used by many aggressive players against Nasus.



Darius is also very effective when playing . who is a lane stomper is very effective thanks to the many advantages. Starting from harass, trade, poke, and kill potential, all excel at Darius. Forcing to not be able to farm is an easy thing.



As a range champion in Baron lane, Vayne is clearly the favourite. He can become a very effective Nasus counter thanks to his skillset. The main ones are poke and kiting which Nasus is very weak against. Nasus will have difficulty farming and cannot trade well.



Garen has the advantage against Nasus in many ways. Starting from very thick sustain, slow Nasus which can be purge, terrible harass, and easy to zoning. Nasus against Garen must be forced to be careful and play safe if he doesn’t want to be punished because it is difficult to trade.


Those are some of the champion counters for Nasus Wild Rift. Nasus who is too dependent on the late game, you have to mess up from the start. Don’t let himself be too comfortable in the early game if you don’t want to fight Nasus once at 1000 damage!

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