Buff And Nerf Hero Patch Note 1.6.34 Mobile Legends (ML)

Especially knowing Buff and Nerf Hero Patch Note 1.6.34 Mobile Legends (ML), because this is indeed the most recent incident. It's only natural that the player must know in advance such as the Buff and Nerf, so you don't miss the information.


Mobile Legends will never stop making adjustments to Heroes in the current battlefield. There’s even a Buff and Nerf Hero Patch Note 1.6.34 Mobile Legends (ML), you have to know this without anything you need to know. Especially knowing Buff and Nerf Hero Patch Note 1.6.34 Mobile Legends (ML), because this is indeed the most recent incident. It’s only natural that the player must know in advance such as the Buff and Nerf, so you don’t miss the information.

Even for some things that you might like about this game, it is indeed the most interesting gameplay and meta changes from the others. If you really like to play ranked, you will definitely see the potential of heroes who have just been buffed or nerfed, let alone OP or not.

It can also be seen clearly through the existing How to View Hero Mobile Legends adjustments. Because after we know what has changed, it will make players have to be more careful when using the hero.

Buff And Nerf Hero Patch Note 1.6.34 Mobile Legends

Adjustments to the Update Buff and Nerf Hero for Patch Note 1.6.34 Mobile Legends appear on November 24 / 26, 2021. Because there is also a delay from Hero Valetina which will be released, of course this Patch has a new date change.

Initially, it was going to appear on November 23, 2021, but due to a delay, it was finally postponed. But for some things that will soon emerge from this latest Hero Patch note, it’s enough to change your game meta later.

That way you might start to see for yourself that apart from Buff and Nerf, it turns out that there are other things you can do. The following are some Buffs and Nerf Heroes that are present on Patch Note 1.6.34 Mobile Legends right now.

Phylax (Adjustment)

This new hero is getting a Adjustment that makes his performance slightly in the Late Game to Early Game. This hero is quite strong, it can even give a total Damage that is not too reasonable as a Tank even though the other role is Marksman.

  • Passive (Nerf): Lightning’s Power Chain Bonus Decreased from 50% >> 40%.
  • Skill 1 Ultimate Mode (Flight) (Buff): Base Damage increased from 120 – 320 >> 170 – 320.
  • Ultimate (Adjustment): Base Damage from Basic Attack (Flight) attacks: 20 – 100 >> 40 – 80.

New Effect: Using Ultimate Skill when you want to turn into a Marksman will deal damage to the surrounding area. Then we will give a Crowd Control Effect to the enemy who is within the Ultimate Distance.

Valentina (Nerf)

Valentina’s performance as a Hero copying the opponent’s Skill is too strong in the Late Game, getting a big change. From here Valentina’s strength, which initially became strong in each of her skills, finally had to receive such a large reduction.

  • Skill 1 (Nerf): Bonus Magic Power decreased from 185% >> 170%. Then the Duration of the attack’s Terror will be reduced from 0.8 >> 0.7 Seconds.
  • Ultimate (Nerf): Ultimate Cooldown which used to be reduced from 50 – 34 Seconds >> 50 Seconds for all Levels both Early and Late Game.

Aurora (Buff)

Aurora the Ice Queen will get better agility, when using her Skill even when her Passive has reached its full amount.

  • Passive (Buff): Number of Stacks 4 >> 3
  • Skill 1 (Buff): Increases Skill Width and Blast Radius. Base Damage Decreased from 400 – 600 >> 350 – 600 and Cooldown which was originally 4 Seconds at all Levels to 6 – 4 Seconds.
  • Skill 2 (Nerf): Cooldown of this Skill undergoes Nerf from the beginning 11 – 9 Seconds >> 11 Seconds for all levels.

Badang (Nerf)

There are so many things that happened to this Badang Hero, it even took a lot of time to be able to make adjustments to the hero. But finally now there’s another new change from the Badang Hero that returns the previous Adjustment.

  • Passive (Nerf): Damage from body’s Additional Passive attack from 50% + 50% Physical Attack >> 20% Physical Attack only.
  • Skill 1 (Nerf): Fist Wind from Badang’s Skill 1 will not get additional damage from his passive anymore. Removes from a Cooldown the Passive Knockback Effect of his attack.

Roger (Buff)

Roger has strong potential in Atibut and his strength, so in this patch he gets a new Buff.

  • Attribute (Buff): The growth of Roger’s initial HP after Buff 158.5 >> 168.5.
  • Human Form – Ultimate (Buff): Additional physical and magic damage when wolf form from 20 – 50 >> 20 – 60.

Harley (Buff)

The damage that Harley has finally increases in the late game, even as continuous damage. This will give a boost to the Hero to continue to provide a pretty lethal performance when the player uses it now in the game.

  • Skill 1 (Buff): Additional Attack Speed per Stack will be 5% >> 10% (Increases in attack speed will now count as increments and no longer a multiple). The number of Stacks from Harley Skill 1 is 8 – 10 >> 5 – 10.

Floryn (Buff)

Increases the total HP recovery of this Hero, but has to reduce the Damage and also the use of Skills from Floryn which is too strong.

  • Passive (Buff): Magic Power of Evolved Lantern increased by 40 >> 50. Equipment attributes to be distributed (Evolved) are adjusted from 8% Physical Attack and
  • Magic Power >> 10% Pyshical Attack and Magic Power, 500 HP >> 250 HP .
  • Skill 1 (Adjustment): Base HP recovery increased to 50 – 150 >> 150 – 250, recovery when hitting Minions decreased from 80% >> 60%. Base Damage decreased from 220 – 420 >> 180 – 330 and Mana usage increased from 95 – 120 >> 100 – 150.
  • Skill 2 (Nerf): Base Damage decreased from 250 – 500 >> 175 – 350 (Next damage will increase accordingly). Cooldown Up from 12 – 8 >> 13 -10 Seconds. Mana usage increased from 60 – 90 >> 90 – 140.
  • Ultimate (Buff): HP recovery increased from 360 – 480 >> 400 – 600. Base Damage 300 – 390 >> 150 – 250.

Freya (Buff)

Freya’s ability will increase in pursuit and make the attack heavier.

  • Skill 2 (Buff): Slightly increased range of movement. New Effect if Freya hits an opponent, Freya will stop.

Martis (Buff)

Hero Martis will become even easier to eliminate his opponent.

  • Ultimate (Buff): New effect when eliminating enemies using Ultimate, will increase Ultimate Damage by 15% >> 30%.

Beatrix (Buff)

Improved Beatrix’s performance slightly from Early to Mid Game.

  • Attribute (Buff): Base Physical Attack increased from 105 >> 110.

Kadita (Buff)

Kadita’s strength in making a move becomes higher when in a match.

  • Skill 1 (Buff): Speed increased from 7 >> 8.
  • Ultimate (Buff): Additional Movement Speed increased from 30 – 60% >> 60% for all levels.

Aamon (Nerf)

With the presence of Nerf on Aamon, it will help his opponent have a chance to fight well.

  • Passive (Nerf): Camouflage Duration: 4 Seconds >> 3.5 Seconds. HP recovery from 4% of lost HP to >> 3% of lost HP. Slightly reduces Camouflage Transparency.

Hayabusa (Nerf)

The previous adjustments still didn’t prove to be good, so Hayabusa finally experienced a reduction again in this patch.

  • Attribute (Nerf): Hayabusa’s base HP decreased by 2629 >> 2429. Physical Attack growth decreased by 12.6 >> 9.6.

Lancelot (Nerf)

Skill 2 Lancelot is quite perfect in capturing enemies, so there is a slight reduction now.

  • Skill 2 (Nerf): Slow effect given to enemies decreased from 30% >> 20%.

Yi Sun Shin (Nerf)

Reduces an Attribute from its Damage for Early to Mid Game.

  • Attribute (Nerf): Base Physical Attack: 110 >> 100.

Paquito (Nerf)

The power is too great in the Early Game, so there is a damage reduction to Paquito for that part.

  • Ultimate (Nerf): Base Damage decreased from 400 – 600 >> 350 – 600. The amplified damage is also reduced by 450 – 700 >> 400 – 700.

Bane (Nerf)

Strong enough in the Early Game, so Bane experienced Nerf in the Early Game to Mid Game.

  • Skill 1 (Nerf): This skill’s base damage decreased from 180 – 380 >> 150 – 350.

Other Buffs And Nerfs

In the match later, all those who originally wanted to get an upgrade were finally officially delayed or canceled. All the new changes that are present in all in Battlefield, 6 Emblems and Equipment have returned to normal or not changed.

Some of the reasons why changes like this don’t come with the latest buffs and nerf heroes are clear. So Moonton canceling this doesn’t mean it won’t appear, reportedly these changes will come after the M3 tournament is over.

Because with the sudden changes in the Battlefield and a few other things, it will be difficult for the M3 Team now. So please understand that all of this will have a big impact, so that you may not be used to such things either.

Because the changes that appear will really have a big impact, so you have to get used to it first. The Tournament Team from M3 immediately felt different things, of course, their performance could also be disrupted.

Apart from that, there are still many other changes related to the Bug Fix, and there are still other things that you should see.

After knowing Buff and Nerf Hero Patch Note 1.6.34 in Mobile Legends (ML), of course, this is a very noticeable change. Even for the most recent conditions in the Mobile Legends game later, there are indeed many that you will find so that it will be different.

This change will make Meta even more different, so make sure those of you who like using the hero see what has changed. So that we can know what will experience changes like this so that we can get used to it again. Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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