Combat FPP vs TPP in PUBG Mobile, Which Will You Win?

This time we will compare the two shooting modes in PUBG Mobile when fighting each other. Approximately which one is more superior?


There are 2 shooting methods that PUBG Mobile players can use, namely FPP and TPP. If there is FPP vs TPP combat in the PUBG Mobile game, which player with the shooting mode will win the war?

PUBG Mobile is a shooter game with the battle royale genre. This game presents gameplay in detail. Whether it’s the details of the weaponry or the world of battle royale.

This game is also famous for its easy features so that it makes UX (User Experience) that players feel is very good.


2 Shoot Modes in PUBG Mobile

combat FPP vs TPP

One of the interesting features that makes it easy for players to fight is the availability of 2 shooting modes, namely FPP (First Person Perspective) and TPP (Third Person Perspective).

Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. If in FPP mode, you will see how your character looks in the game. His eyes become a camera for you.


This firing mode is very good for use when in a closed area. For example in a narrow house. Your horizontal view will become very broad.

The second shooting mode available on PUBG Mobile is the TPP mode. Here you will see your in-game character on your screen.

By using the TPP shooting mode, you have a wider horizon. So that it blinds you to see what is happening in various directions from your position.


Combat FPP vs TPP in PUBG Mobile, Which One Will You Win?

This time we will compare the two shooting modes in PUBG Mobile when fighting each other. Approximately which one is more superior?

From the description of these two firing modes above, we actually know that these two shooting modes can both excel in their strongest situations.


Open Area Situation

combat FPP vs TPP

If you play in an open space, of course TPP players will benefit more than FPP players. This is because TPP players can see from various directions in their position.

He can see from the right, left, including behind without having to reverse his position. That’s the advantage.

Meanwhile, FPP mode cannot do that. In order to find out what is happening behind him, FPP players must first reverse their character’s body.

So in an open area situation, TPP players are superior to FPP players and have a chance to win combat with each other.


Closed Area Situation

combat FPP vs TPP

The second situation is a closed area situation which is certainly superior to players using FPP mode than players using TPP mode.

As mentioned above, when playing in a closed area such as indoors, the TPP player’s view is limited. TPP players will have a hard time seeing the characters in the room.

Meanwhile, this closed area situation is actually advantageous for players with FPP mode. In closed areas, horizontal vision is much more necessary than far-sightedness.


That is the discussion regarding the FPP vs TPP combat that occurs in the PUBG Mobile game. Follow the latest information and news about the world of esports only at Esportsku !